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Friday, July 25, 2008

I got my camera cord in the mail yesterday! I can finally share photos of my own.

Last Thursday we took a trip to Seattle. I saw some neat things including, but not limited to, the following:

This window display is made from ties! They're pinned together in the shape of a tree. Not only did it look cool, I wanted Chris to buy every single one of them, they were that good lookin'. Wish I could remember the name of the store... Another view of the "tie tree".
A close up of the "tie tree."
This store's window display is always top-notch. Allie said they made these by blowing up balloons, covering them with decorative paper and coating it with a few layers of paper mache; then you pop the balloon, cut out a section, remove the balloon, and voila! Blow up a bunch of balloons to all different sizes, use a variety of decorative paper and you've got some totally unique decor.
We seriously spent about an hour walking around the store. There's so much to see! Every section of the store is decorated in some way I never would have thought up myself. This wall is partially covered with layers of flattened paper cups. I knew I should have saved all those sacrament cups from when I was little :)
This room is covered with torn and curling bits and pieces of vintage wall paper. So cool!
The wall next to the winding staircase is covered with original canvas paintings. The arrangement and colors look really cool against the yellow wall.
Felt is all the rage these days in the scrapbooking/handmade community. This bird is stitched together using pieces of fabric and felt then stuck to a book cover.
The back wall is crazy cool. Who would have thought to cover a wall with chalkboard, draw shelves and books and add some real books here and there? I wonder how long it will stay like that.
I could enlist Chris' help for this one: Watercolor different shades of blue, yellow and green then hand-cut into circles of all sizes. Stitch lines of circles and dangle them from somewhere.
If I knew how to sew, this is the first thing I would make for myself: I feel inspired!

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