The One with We're Baaaaaack

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We got back from Denver last night after a (much too) quick Labor-Day-Weekend-Part-Two trip.

Yesterday morning I finished reading all that was available of Midnight Sun. Let's just say I'm back in "Twilight" mode. Love love loved it. Then Chris, my mother-in-law and I headed downtown. We stopped at Wahoo's Fish Taco and got delicious burritos for lunch. Our plan was to visit the new Denver Art Museum, but apparently it's not open on Mondays. This is a sculpture outside the museum. Pretty neat. Pretty weird.
Just across the street from the museum is the Denver library. I like the architecture. All of the buildings you see in this picture make up the one library.
We had lots of time before we needed to get to the airport so we toured the Capitol building.
On the front steps this marker lets people know this really is the Mile High City.
This is the view looking up into the dome.
We took the stairs up to the dome and although we weren't allowed outside (the roof is crumbling so it's a safety hazard) I still got some neat shots of the city. Here is the County Courthouse. The construction going on behind the building is the future home of a prison...right downtown!
Then we walked to the oldest hotel in the city - the Brown Palace. It's a beautiful building inside and out. I'm anxious to see the chandelier that supposedly fills the great room during the holiday season. I'll report in December when we go back for Christmas.
I thought this flock of pigeons looked like they were having a good time just chilling together atop this building.
The plane ride home was a lot less bumpy than the one going out. I wonder why. We flew right over "Happy Valley"/"P-Town"/"Land of the Zoobies"/Provo.
We got even better views - although a slightly less rewarding experience - than we would have if we had conquered Timp over Labor-Day-Weekend-Part-One.

A zoomed-in picture of BYU campus. I can actually see our apartment is in this picture!
Here's Provo/Orem/Lindon/Pleasant Grove in all of it's beautiful glory.
It's takes just as long to drive from Provo to Salt Lake City as it does to fly from Salt Lake City to Denver. One hour. As we flew over Provo I asked Chris if we could hop out.
Just two more days until I'm in Minneapolis for ScrapFest! What a week!

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  1. Great photos, Paige! I lived in Littleton for 7 months and can you believe that I NEVER went to explore downtown Denver and my hubby even worked down there! Ha! What a loser I am! ;) Have a great day, chickie!


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