The One with Our 5th Anniversary Date

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

One of my 27-before-27 goals (which I get to evaluate on the 28th - birthday wishlist coming soon! Hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge :) ) was to make a big deal of our 5th anniversary. I had dreams of going on an overnighter somewhere (Vegas? Hearst Castle? San Diego?) but we simply ran out of time to plan something exotic and, more importantly, we didn't budget it in. HOWEVER, our day was so amazing I have nothing to complain about and I definitely think we made a big deal of it!
We like, scratch that, LOVE Disneyland! We went to Disneyworld on our honeymoon:
We went to Disneyland on our 3rd anniversary:
We went to Disneyland on our 4th anniversary:
So, in keeping with tradition, we went to Disneyland on our 5th anniversary!
I took my small point'n'shoot to document the day. I took lots of pictures and narrowed it down to 49 from our morning at Disney.
1. Fox woke up at 5:45am so he definitely needed the snooze on the way to Disneyland.
2. On the tram to the park. Fox knows the drill now, he's an expert :)
3. Fox saw a big Buzz Lightyear on a poster and said "Buzz! Salkalf adglagfn!" That means - Buzz! To infinity and beyond! And he sticks his hand straight up in the air to go along with the motions. Precious or what?
4. Welcome to Disneyland!
5. Our first stop: get a special celebratory badge at Guest Services. We've racked up quite the collection  of badges!
6. A pretty watercolor of Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Guest Services.
7. Main Street.
8. Fox sitting on Chris's shoulders as we made our way down Main Street.
9. The end of Main Street was lined with people wearing Mickey Mouse gloves and waving. Fox LOVED it and was waving right back as fast as his little hand could go!
10. Sleeping Beauty's Castle.
11. First ridge of the day: Peter Pan! There is ALWAYS a half hour+ line but I really wanted to go on it today so we waited and it was worth it. The twinkle lights make me smile.
12. We always start our Disney days off in Fantasyland because the lines get longest fastest. If we go there first we can hop-hop-hop from ride to ride and knock those out in an hour or so. We've got the system figured out :)
13. King Arthur Carousel.
14. Waiting for our ship on Peter Pan.
15. Fox trying to pull the sword out of the stone.
16. Pinocchio's Daring Journey!
17. Inside Pinocchio.
18. Snow White.
19. A gold book inside Snow White.
20. We rode the Dopey cart, lol.
21. A fancy gate exiting Snow White.
22. Next ride: King Arthur's Carousel.
23. Fox was like a bucking bronco on his horse and did NOT want to get off.
24. Cool horsie icon.
25. A pretty bedazzled horse.
26. Hot pink flowers.
27. Straight off the Carousel onto Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!
28. Chandeliers inside Mr. Toad's.
29. Of all the cars we got to ride in the one actually called Mr. Toad!
30. Next ride: Alice in Wonderland.
31. Pretty pink flowers.
32. Dynamic tree.
33. It's a Small World!
34. Same as #33!
35. On the boats at It's a Small World.
36. Exiting It's a Small World.
37. Soon I'll have a little girl to take to the Princess Fantasy Faire! I can't wait!!!!
38. Entering Mickey's Toon Town. I just figured out my phone can take panoramic pics and I've been testing it out almost daily. Pano-shot of the day: Toon Town:
39. While Chris and I took turns going to the restroom, Fox ran around and had a blast in one of the many little kid parks.
40. I wanted to take a picture of Fox in this bus, but he wasn't having it.
41. Roger Rabbit ride.
42. We didn't go on Astro Orbitor or whatever it's called (I don't do spinning in circle rides), but it's fun to look at!
43. Inside Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.
44. I always win :)
45. Fox was soooo excited by all the Buzz stuff in the giftshop upon exiting Astro Blasters. Here he is pointing at a ginormous Buzz painted on the wall.
46. The outside of Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.
47. For lunch we headed over to Adventureland and I like this vintage saloon triptych outside our normal lunch-spot.
48. Where we ate our lunch.
49. We always get the same thing for lunch - why change a good thing? Fox gets chicken nuggets and fries and Chris and I split a gumbo bread bowl.

After lunch, it was getting crowded and poor Fox was seriously sleep deprived so we left. We had soooo much fun while we were there!

After naps a babysitter came over to watch Fox and Chris and I went on a date.
1. I don't know what macaroons are, some kind of cookie? but they sure look pretty!
2. Chris took me to The Cheesecake Factory. Believe it or not I've never eaten there! So it was a new, fun experience.
3. After looking through the MASSIVE menu for a half hour, Chris chose a Mac'n'Cheese burger.
4. I got a spicy chicken sandwich. Both were so good!
5. After dinner we got dessert at a fancy gelato place.
6. Then we walked around Old Town Pasadena, window shopped, and enjoyed our time together.

I definitely think this counts as making a big deal of our 5th anniversary!


  1. Happy Anniversary! It looks like you had a great time :)

  2. Fox goes to bed at 7 and it's early to wake up at 5:45??? How much does that guy sleep and can you tell him to tell his cuz to follow his lead?

  3. Happy 5th anniversary!! We missed you by one day! Scarlett and I had our first trip there together, just the two of us, on Monday! :) It was a success!

  4. Macaroons are so so good! You have to try them! :)

  5. Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you had fun. I sure did!

  6. Yay! How fun! I love Disneyland too!

  7. happy anniversary Paige and Chris! how wonderful to have Fox with you and little baby Jane on the way, you guys are blessed!!

  8. aw, yay! i'm glad the whole day was special! and i'm kind of loving this tradition of going to disneyland all the time! now that place has a little soft spot in my heart too ever since eric took me there the day he proposed ;)

  9. How fun! Happy Anniversary! :-)

    Macaroons are really tasty! They're made with egg whites and sugar. :-)


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