The One with Operation Weight Loss: Update

Monday, February 4, 2013

On Saturday August 4th, 2012, I began OPERATION WEIGHT LOSS
Just as a refresher, pre-Jane I weighed 130 pounds, the day before she was born I weighed 185 (yeah.... I gained 55 pounds...), and then when I began O.W.L. on 8.4.12 I weighed 165 with a goal of reaching my pre-Fox weight of 120 by January 1st 2013. Get it? Got it? Good.

8.4.12 - 165
8.10.12 - 158.6 (-6.4)
8.18.12 - 157.9 (-0.7)
8.25.12 - 156.3 (-1.6)
9.1.12 - 155.3 (-1.0)
9.8.12 - 155.3 (0)
9.15.12 - 151.9 (-3.4)
9.22.12 - 150.6 (-1.3)
9.29.12 - 148.6 (-2.0)
10.6.12 - 144.8 (-3.8)
10.13.12 - 145 (+.2)
10.20.12 - 142.1 (-2.9)
10.27.12 - 141.4 (-.7)
11.3.12 - 137.9 (-3.5)
11.10.12 - 138.4 (+.5)
11.17.12 - 136.7 (-1.7)
11.24.12 - 136.3 (-.4)

I was doing pretty well, exercising almost daily, eating better, and all that good stuff. I lost a total of 28.7 pounds in 3.5 months! Woohoo!

Then.... Chris had the most awful rotation in November and was gone 6am-10pm four days in a row and I was NOT mentally prepared for that, plus I got sick that week, AND, most of all, I was losing my milk supply. I altogether stopped O.W.L., right before the dreaded holidays of mass food and snacks! 

It's time to start up O.W.L. again. I want to feel better. I want to look better. I want to fit those pants that I bought myself during my first attempt and it never happened.
Starting weight: 140 (yup, I gained back almost 4 pounds)
Goal weight: 120 (pre-Fox weight)
Date to reach goal: May 17th 2013 (Chris's Graduation - yahoo!)
Weeks to accomplish goal: 14
Average pounds to lose per week: 1.42 (that's do-able, right?)
Mantra: Don't eat after 7pm (brush teeth at 7pm) /  No candy / Limit food portions / Eat fruits and veggies instead of chips and crackers / Exercise 6 times a week
Reward: A new pair of pants! And the satisfaction of accomplishing something I've been wanting for over two years.

2.2.13 - 140.1
3.31.13 - 138.9 (-1.2)
4.6.13 - 137 (-1.9)
4.13.13 - 136.1 (-.9)
4.20.13 - 133.4 (-2.4)
4.27 - 132.4 (-1.0)
5.11 - 134.1 (+1.7)
5.18 - 133.8 (-.3)
TOTAL: -6.3

Wish me luck and perseverance! Jillian Michaels workout videos are no joke!


  1. Your doing awesome with your weightloss!! I am working hard at lossing my 'babyweight'. I havent been exercising, but have been eating lots of fruits and veggies and just all around eating better. Its def. helping me move in the right direction. How do you find the time for the exersice video?!

    Not sure your math is right on the weight per week though....20 pounds in 14 weeks is 1.42/week =/

    This weightloss business is hard stuff!! I started at 142 on Jan. 1st and am down to 136 as of last week...weight in tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for catching that Jen - cooking babies takes away brain cells, I'm convinced! 1.42 pounds a week seems a lot more than 0.7 a week, haha. Oh well. As soon as I put the kids to bed at night I'm going to do the Jillian Michaels videos - they're only 20 minutes long but INTENSE.

    1. I totally agree, I get mush brain all the time! 20min sounda totally doable. Do you need much space? Might look into those videos.

  3. Great minds think alike... I just did a Project weight loss update. Except I didn't divulge numbers cuz mine are really embarrassing! Seeing your pattern made me feel better though because I lost 5 lbs. 2 weeks ago and then like, .2 last week. Thought I failed somehow. Now I see I'm not the only one who loses like that.

    I think you look really fantastic already, but totally get wanting to be healthier, fitter, in control... and buying cute pants! Reaching a goal is so satisfying, especially when it takes so much hard work and dedication. You can do it!

  4. I have been trying to lose baby weight, too, but December was a killer :) I've been trying to wake up before my kids do to get my workouts in. I think they can tell that I'm up somehow, because they keep getting up earlier and earlier...

  5. you can do that! it won't be easy but it is totally worth all work. My goal is to be back to 120 like I was when I graduated high school on my wedding day in June. Life is so busy though, I am working full time and in class til 7:50 most nights through the week. My hardest part is finding the time to make it to the gym and having enough time there and also not eating after classes. Cannot wait to see your progress.

  6. Good luck! I'm currently on my weight loss journey as well! 35 lbs down and 5 more to go!!! It's the greatest feeling isn't it :) I keep a journal and record in it every week and take pictures every month. It really helps me out a ton! We can do it!


  7. Congratulations!!! That is a huge accomplishment! My sister has used Jillian and said she was really tough. I am not a huge fan of working out but the only one I have ever used is Sean T's Insanity workout. It was horrible!

  8. Aw, good luck! I know how ridiculous Jillian Michaels can be!!

  9. You're doing great Paige. My mantra is Bob's mantra that he uses on Biggest Loser: Believe in yourself, Trust the Process, Change Forever. It sounds cheesy, but each one of those is so important and has really helped me. My weakness seems to be dinner invitations and ward activities. I do good at home, but it's hard refusing people's food when they've carefully prepared it. I'm going to try home videos. For now, I've been using my jogging stroller, but the videos would be a good addition for colder mornings.

  10. looking good! YOU can do it! I had a weight and reached it..but can expound a little bit more!

  11. You can do it Paige!!! You can do it!!! I am rooting for you!!! Eating good makes you feel good (I think, at least it does for me), looking good makes you feel good... so here's to feeling great!!! What I do that I find really helps is - I try to eat healthy at home, not have much snacks with empty calories lying around, and dont' really limit myself for the weekends or when we eat out (not often anyway). YOU CAN DO IT GIRRRRRRRLLLLLL!!

  12. I think you are looking amazing!! Good for you... I know you can do it!!!

  13. great job and good luck in meeting your goal!!

  14. First of all, you look fab the way you are, but I wish you luck in getting to your goal. I am right there with you, I had a goal January first to lose 30 pounds, lost 10 in January, (the flu helped me out, so I don't expect to lose that much this month!) have 20 go to, not fun but it's nice to see my jawline again! ha

  15. You can do it Pailge! I'm trying to do it too. It's hard, hard, hard. But there's also nothing more rewarding than how good it feels to fit into new (and smaller) pants! I don't want to look at Allie's wedding photos and feel sorry that I didn't try hard enough. Right?

  16. It looks like you're doing amazing! If you want some workout variety, is great for not just pilates-based workouts but HIIT and healthy eating. Vary your workouts!

    Also, make sure you're eating small meals fairly often - like 5 times a day - it'll boost your metabolism and curb your cravings!

    I'm cheering you on!

  17. The story of my life. I seem to be a human yo-yo. Thisbisbreally amazing progress!! I have no doubt you will reach your goal. You look Fabulous!! Spread some of that discipline to me! I have gone over a month with no sugary snacks. So baby steps. One day I will look good again. Thanks for me a boost!

  18. You look great now!! :) But you can do it!! I started P90X today and it was awesome, but super time consuming (1-1 1/2 hours) a day!! I might have to switch to Jillian- I heard hers are really good! Too bad we don't live a little closer and could do workouts together. :)

  19. This is Nate. Good luck Paige!!! I'm sure you'll do it, especially with Chris helping you. (To Chris: You better be helping! Or I'm coming down there...)


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