The One with Jane at 2.5

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jane is 2.5 years old today!
Can I please just let the photos speak for themselves?
There's a reason they call it the "terrible twos" and this girl is the definition :) She's a TWOnager! (Please also note the toys she's holding in some of the above photos: dinosaur, car, dinosaur...)

But in all seriousness, she is the world's best hugger and snuggler. She could still be rocked to sleep every night. She's a little social bug and loves everyone and playing with other kids.
She's a world traveler and has been to 18 countries in her short 2.5 year life. And she won't remember a single one of 'em... That's why I scrapbook folks!
When Fox was a baby I tried to get him to watch movies so I could work. He wouldn't have it. This girl? I have to unplug the TV cuz she would literally watch it all day long if I let her. Blessing and a curse. She loves to watch anything Halloween-themed (I kid you not) and currently has Mulan on repeat. She also loves the Lego Movie, Oscar's Oasis (they just call it "lizard"), Octonauts, and Dinosaur Train.
She lives on french fries, popcorn, and chocolate. This girl and chocolate!!! She spits out anything gummy but will devour chocolate by the bar. Chocolate muffin, chocopuff cereal, nutella toast, if only she were drinking chocolate milk she would be in choco heaven.
She's a good talker and is starting to speak in full sentences. She can count to 10 and sing the ABCs. She LOVES to sing and knows a lot of children's songs: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, Popcorn Popping, Head Shoulder Knees and Toes, and lots of others.
She has killer hair.
She wishes she was Fox. Anything he does, she does. Anything he says, she says. Anything he eats, she eats. Anything he plays with, she plays with. Dolls and dresses and sparkly things? No way Jose. She's all about the dinosaurs, cars, bugs, lizards, and swords. The only thing she doesn't do that Fox does is go potty on the toilet. She hasn't shown any interest and that's fine. Fox was 3 when he was potty trained so we've still got a good 6 months before we'll start thinking about it.
After our trip to Rome we took away her pacifier except at night and nap time but has since gotten it back full time and now she has a super bad rash all around her mouth. Chris says this weekend while I'm gone he's going to end it once and for all... I bet him a million bucks he'll cave and give her back her "fire" as she calls it.
Oh Jane. We love you. We really do.


  1. She's a little ball of fire, that girl! What a cutie patootie!!!

  2. What a total cutie!!! And yep ... those terrible twos are quite the challenge! LOL!!!!

  3. She is too cute! And I am with her on the Lego Movie, it's one of my favorites too!!

  4. Awesome post! Jane sure is full of sass, but we love her!

  5. Use the wonderful text of this post on one of your beautiful layouts. It will mean so much to her (and her kids). Photos AND stories--that is what will mean so much to you and to her in 10 years.

  6. Oh my word- her HAIR! Those blonde curls are just adorable. :) I love all her cute outfits. She has one awesome stylist. ;)

  7. About the pacifyer. At the aquarium in the city I live in, they have a pacifyer cermony were the kids give their pacifier to the baby fishes. Maybe something like this excist were you live as well?

  8. Can I come out just to babysit her?! She's so so cute!

  9. What a DOLL! It's clear she is full of personality. It must be so fun to be her Mama. Even when she's pouting she's just plain adorable.


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