The One with Insta-Lately February 6th Edition

Friday, February 6, 2015

Here's the newest installment of our "insta-lately" life! It's fun to see what we've been up to according to my phone and instagram (@paigetaylorevans). Some of these pics I may have or plan on blogging about, sorry for the double feature :)

Last week I was the guest instagrammer over at Studio Calico! I went around the house trying to put interesting photos together filled with lots of color and all that good jazz :)

Fact of the day: Frankfurt is one of only a few cities in the European Union that has skyscrapers and is nicknamed "Mainhattan" - a portmanteau of the local Main River and Manhattan. Cool!

Here are some of the other images that appeared on the Studio Calico insta-feed: 1) My favorite embellishment from all of the Cirque scrapbooking kits is this intricate floral wood veneer by Fresh Cut Illustrations. So many different ways this can be used! And it matched the floral blouse I was wearing that day :) What's your fave from the Cirque kits? 2) I store my itty bitty embellishments in plastic divided containers - one for sequins, one for wood veneer, one for buttons, and one for random things like brads, pennants, stickpins, etc. A place for everything and everything in its place! 3) My happy scrappy space is in the corner of our living room. I store everything in colorful boxes in one big IKEA expedit unit. I keep collections in big ziplock bags and once they’re a year or two old I purge and make room for new collections. It's always good to have a designated happy scrappy place! Where is yours? Hope you put it to good use this weekend! 4) Sometimes, the best place to scrap is in the middle of it all. The dining room table doubles as my work space. Since my kids are still so young and need constant supervision, I find it best to scrap in the midst of everything so I can tinker with a layout throughout the day. I clean up after every project to make sure there's room to eat our meals!

So proud of my talented mother dearest (Shop Tassel Love)! One of her garlands was recently featured in an Audrey Hepburn-inspired photoshoot by FabYouBliss. Way to go Malm :)

Soooo.... we went to Italy last month and I STILL HAVEN'T BLOGGED ABOUT IT! It's KILLING me! I've been taking on a LOT of scrappy side projects and something had to give and that was the super-crazy-time-consuming blogging of our trip. And now we're in Spain for a week! #travelerproblems. So blogging a recap is on my to-do list... which is currently about a mile long... 1) Pompeii with Vesuvius looming in the background. 2) My people in Pompeii. 3) The colorful streets in Pompeii - SWOON! 4) My most liked photo to date on my instagram - the Amalfi coast in Italy.

I ♥ nooks filled with books, scrapbooks, handmade books, paigebooks, mini albums, and more!

Seemed like half the pics in my feed were of snow one day so here was my contribution ;) ❄❄❄ This is my 'hood!

1) Mid-layout. A happy mess with the Teresa Collins Nine & Co collection focusing on the Ali Edwards title. 2) The giveaway I hosted on my instagram account. The winner was Jane Fox. Pretty much love her name :) 3) Hand cut letters from tracing the large letter die cuts in the Cirque scrapbook kit. 4) Stamped and cut out letters also from the Cirque scrapbook kits!

Loving on my girl and loving on my cat.

My guest posting at Studio Calico kicked off with this collage of my favorite layouts I've created with their kits.

Two custom handmade books I shipped off to the states! Wish I could tag along ;)

My 4th most liked photo ever: This is Poppy, my cousin's so gosh dern stinkin' cute baby girl with the most awesome hair goin' on, she almost makes me want another one ;)

"Nice"cream - all vegan ingredients so it's nice :) Concocted by Tina from Scrapbook-Werkstatt. She was so sweet to let me stay at her house while I worked at the PaperWorld show in Frankfurt.

Schönen verschneiten Wald in Bündingen Deutschland. / Beautiful snow covered forest in Bündingen Germany.

And that's a wee little bit of what we've been up to!


  1. These are all fabulous! I am LOVING that photo of your niece!! So cute!!!!!!

  2. What is the plastic container you use for veneer?

  3. Love your nook of books (see you in the bowl too), ahhh..the Amalfi Coast, snow, beautiful layouts, wowza hair.....thank you!

  4. Jeez. The collage of your pages makes me swoon and feel bad about my own work all at the same time. ;) So much talent in one little lady. So much inspiration! Love all of the instas.. very cool.

  5. I just love the photo of all the layouts you have can really see your style...which I have dubbed "Niblets" know, a niblet of this paper, a niblet of that, soon they all form this well crafted, uber-conceived stylized layout, which I for one, love!

  6. I love these posts! You have such a good eye for the beauty all around you.


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