The One with the Porsche & Mercedes Benz Museums

Monday, November 9, 2015

Audi museum? Check. BMW museum? Check. Volkswagon museum? Check. The only two German car museums left to see just so happen to be in the same city, Stuttgart: Porsche & Mercedes Benz! We went to the Porsche museum after walking around the Ludwigsburg pumpkin festival. 
Yes, those are full size cars on top of this sculpture. Awesome!
We parked in the underground garage and then walked around the museum to admire the über modern architecture. 
The kids posing by their respective favorites.

The musuem is spread over 3 levels and follows a chronological history of the company and the career of its founder, Ferdinand Porsche. 
More than 80 cars take you through the early years all the way to the present. Almost all the cars in the museum are ready to drive and they are constantly on the move going to car rallies and events all over the world.
Caption says: According to the theory of downforce, when this Porsche 956 reaches a speed of 321.4 km/h, it could theoretically drive on ceilings. I'll believe it when I see it :)
The company has earned more than 30,000 victories in races and some of those trophies were displayed in this exhibit.
Did you know Sally from the Cars movies is a Porsche? The company decide to make a real life version of her that drives and everything. 
 Pink Porsche?! Yes please. 

Chris and the kids got to sit in a brand new Porsche 911 Turbo. Nooice. 
This museum was very stroller friendly as it was just a gentle incline circling around and up two stories. Then it was a long, steep escalator ride down. 
Raspberry pink Porsche!?!?! OMG I neeeed :)
Our family at the Porsche Museum on Friday October 9th 2015.
We had a lot of fun exploring the headquarters of the legendary Porsche.

The next morning we went to the Mercedes Benz Museum. Hearse in the parking lot.
Looking up at the interior courtyard of the museum. 
Like the Porsche museum, the Mercedes museum followed a chronological history of the automobile, but they started a little earlier with the horse. 
The exhibits start in the year 1886, the birth year of automobile created by Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz.

Cool diorama of Stuttgart in the late 19th century. 
The exhibits throughout the museum were neat and showcased some priceless, one-of-a-kind cars.
In addition to the main exhibit flow there were side galleries on every level showing off specialty vehicles from buses and trucks to snowplows and celebrity cars. Clockwise from top left: my favorite bus, an SUV from The Lost World Jurassic Park movie, Princess Diana's coupe, and one of their Pope-mobiles.

Another cool bus: an old-timey double decker. 
Classic good-looking Benzes. 
Family selfie as an exhibit camera filmed us.
Prototypes and experimental cars. 
The racecar gallery. 
There was a racing simulator you could ride and Chris really wanted to so he did.
After Chris finished up in the simulator, we strolled around the rest of the galleries and then found a little souvenir car to turn into our magnet.

Our family at the Mercedes Benz Museum on Saturday October 10th 2015.
We've really enjoyed all our visits to these car museums. They have been super easy with the kids, very well done, and quite interesting. Super fun!


  1. How fun! LOVING all the photos!!! I want that pink Porsche!!!!

  2. If you like these kinds of museums, you should definitely check out the Technik Museum Speyer and Sinsheim. Most parts are super kid friendly, including slides and stuff.
    So far, they were a hit whenever the In-Laws or friends came over the pond.
    Apart from that, awesome pictures :)

  3. Paige that is soooo cool!!! How fun!!!

  4. I've loved exploring all these cool museums with you guys!

  5. Cool museums! Are you considering buying a German car and bringing it back to the states when you return?

  6. Wow! I have a Mercedes Benz and love it. What a dream to see that museum. As my hubby and I are car fanatics, I had to email this to my husband. Love your blog Paige!


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