PaperWorld 2016

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Like unto CHA in the states, Europe has a big craft fair tradeshow called PaperWorld held in Frankfurt. American Crafts attended last year and went once again this year, and, once again, I went to help out and do demos!

I left home around 5am on Saturday morning and drove 3 hours to Frankfurt. Whenever we travel I rely so heavily on Chris to keep track of things like where we parked and how to get places. I don't have the best memory so when I travel solo I take pictures of where I park so I can find my way back easily.

There are three of these moving walkways to reach Hall 4 where AC was exhibiting. The Messe is SO BIG!

Sandra and Alex checking out the amazing Minc.

All of the new collections, Fancy Free included! :)

Meanwhile back at home Chris took Jane to her friend's birthday party - princess tea party themed - and sent me THE cutest picture of Jane! Seriously, this is my all-time favorite picture of her. Can't wait to scrap this.

For dinner we couldn't find a place that had room for all four of us close to the Messe so we drove into the Old Town center to the same place we went last year.

I saw someone with a plate of Käsespätzle (kind of like the German version of mac'n'cheese) and tried to find anything on the menu that included it. Success! And, SO GOOD.

When I walked into my hotel room I gasped out loud at the view. We hardly ever stay in hotels, let alone ones that afford such views from such height. I never wanted to sleep, I could just stare out the big ol' window all day every day!

The sun shined for a little bit the next morning! Ah!

The "Messe" where the show is, is right by the pointed skyscraper where the sun is shining in the photo below:

Not bad Frankfurt, not bad!

My hotel room. Small, cute, and quaint.

Got some breakfast in the hotel: cereal and waffles and bread with nutella.

As I was flipping through the newest AC catalog I found one of the papers I designed way back in 2008 still available!! So funny!

I need this Scottie dog washi tape dispenser in my life like yesterday! (It's from We R Memory Keepers).

Lunch! So Deutsche :)

Downtown Frankfurt at night.

The hotel was right on the Main (pronounced "mine") River and close to a pedestrian bridge so I quickly walked to it and about halfway across to see what I could see.

Last day of the 4-day show!

Reminds me of LA! Peace out Frankfurt!

SUCH A FUN TIME at PaperWorld!

My favorite thing was talking with people I've met at classes, meeting with fellow scrappers I've met on instagram, seeing real life scrappy friends and hosts of classes I've taught, store owners, of course my AC colleagues, and more. Can't wait til next year! Probably my last since we won't be in Germany in 2018, waaaaah!


  1. LOVING the photos!!! Looks like an awesome time! I love that doggy washi tape holder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh wow!! Looks like you had a busy time!! Beautiful photos!!

  3. Great recap! Glad you had fun!


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