Peleș Castle, Romania

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Our plan for the day was to get out of the city and explore a couple sights in the Romanian countryside. Before we got up into the mountains we passed several cities.
Lovely yellow fields as we drove out of the town across the Wallachian plain. 
Gold domed church? Yes, please. 
After about two hours of driving we had entered Transylvania and reached our first stop: Peleș Castle. We parked the car then headed up the long slope to the castle.
There she is!
Such a beautiful setting for a beautiful building. 
Peleș castle was intended to be the summer residence of Romania's longest-serving monarch, King Carol I. Construction on the 3,500 square meter residence began in 1875 in a predominantly German-Renaissance style, but the interior has grand reception halls in Moorish, Florentine, and French styles. 
The wood-carving throughout the castle is incredible. 
Wow! The king's wife Elisabeta was largely responsible for the interior decoration. 
This was the first European castle to have central heating, electricity, and vacuuming. 
US President's Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford were both hosted here by Ceausecu. 
The castle has over 160 rooms and it took some 39 years and more than 400 craftsman to complete the castle. 

Mirror details.
The Evans Family at Peleș Castle on Saturday, April 9th 2016. 
Awwww, Fox & Jane.
The grounds around Peleș have several other buildings, including this Swiss-chalet style Foisorul Hunting Lodge which was built as a temporary residence by King Carol I before Peleș was completed. 
Just up the hill from Peleș is the Pelisor Palace. 
This German-medieval palace has a hard time competing with it's fancier nearby neighbor, not many people made the 100 meter walk up the hill to it. King Carol I planned this house for his nephew, the future king Ferdinand and his wife Marie. 
There were homeless doggies alllllll over. Made me sad.
Fox's creations made while waiting for our lunch - he's so clever!
Driving, driving, driving :)
Next stop (and last re-cap for this trip): Bran Castle, aka Dracula's Castle!

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  1. What a gorgeous castle! WOW!! LOVING the photos and that last one of you all in the car ... ha! love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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