Altered Pink Cabinet

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Over the past couple years I have collected quite the random assortment of wooden things with good intentions of taking them from drab-to-fab with a shiny new coat of colorful paint! I've had the cans of paint for over a year... since we can't ship paint back with us and the movers come next week(!!!!), I had to get crack-a-lackin'! I've acquired a coat rack, tiered wire basket holder, printer's tray, and window shutters. Once the weather started warming up a couple weeks ago, I took the paint sprayer out of the box and taught myself how to use it! I was really proud of myself for learning something new without the help of Chris :) You can teach an old dog new tricks!
These objects were my "test subjects" in preparation for the big kahuna: a cabinet!
For my birthday Chris let me pick a piece of furniture which I found not from an antique store but rather from someone PCSing (army lingo for 'moving'). I bopped over to Weiden and brought this cabinet home with me! Here is the before and after:
I decided to go with raspberry pink - one of my very favorite colors. I went to our local OBI (the German equivalent of a Home Depot) and had them mix me a small can of paint. Eventually, hopefully, some day, I will have my own scrap room and this cabinet will go in it along with all the other scrapbooking bits and pieces I've accumulated throughout the years that are taking over the house. Because it's Europe, I only got a few parts of the cabinet painted before it started raining so I brought everything back inside. Looking good so far!
And then I ran out of paint and couldn't get more for a couple days because it was a holiday and OBI was closed. It's allll good. Patience is a virtue :)
About a week after starting, I finished! Did I mention, I think I did, hahaha, that I altered this all by myself?! I didn't ask for help from Chris once! Like a boss :) I did slice my finger open on the glass as I was taking it out, but a bandaid fixes everything.
I think I sprayed something like 3 or 4 coats before rounding it out with 2 thick layers of paint done by hand. I like the brush strokes and glossy finish.
Cabinet details.
A little drawer in the front - hmmmm, what should I put in here?
Some people may flinch at the idea of painting wood (like my dad), but I really really love how it turned out and now it's a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that I plan to fill with all kinds of mini albums and finished scrappy projects!
I think one of the original wooden shelves has gone missing so there is one glass shelf, but hopefully my dad can make me a new one and I'll have to bring a little bit of paint with me back to the states in my suitcase so I can finish this 100%!
Now what should I paint!? I'm addicted!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I am SO EXCITED about your cabinet you painted!!!!!!!!!!! It looks AMAZING!!!!! I love love love love love that PINK!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well you could paint me anything haha! I surely wouldn't have seen anything on that old cabinet, so depressing. And now you have the most amazing thing ever!!! Just wow. Well done girl! The only thing I can't figure out...the doors. All glass can be removed or how did you paint those? Sooo good I die!

  3. I love your cabinet! It's so pretty! And I love Rachel in the glass of that one pic. She loves me. She wants to live with me.

  4. This came out beautiful!! I LOVE that pink!! I also like that metal cabinet to the right of it that you have? So cool!!

  5. Love how this turned out! I would have walked right by that piece of furniture (totally not seeing its potential) but you turned it into something amazing!

  6. WOW that looks amazing.. great job

  7. I just bought a sprayer and I'm going to do this. Thanks for the inspiration, your cabinet looks amazing and I love, love, love the color. :)

  8. Very nice. I like the pink! And I am not really a pink person. LOL


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