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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I started a project back in October and finished it up recently! It's a family adventures photo wall :)
I printed all my favorite family travel photos from our 4 years living in Germany in a Polaroid style and spent awhile typing and printing the date and location on each and every photo, 361 in total. I really wanted to put them in a more permanent frame that's easily movable to our next house, but I couldn't figure out how to make something so big with the supplies I have. Instead, I washi taped them to the wall!
First I taped a row of 19 photos across the bottom, then I taped 19 photos up the left edge, and then worked my up row by row. It took a few hours. Some of the tapes are more sticky than others so a few have fallen down, but I'm really impressed with how well they've stayed put the past couple months!
There was an 18" gap up at the top that I noodled what to do with for awhile. In the end I decided to search for a shop on etsy that could make a metal sign that I designed myself and found The Metal Word. They were very easy to work with, very fast at responding, and I got exactly what I wanted and was hoping for!
I wonder if in a few years or generations people will question what the "pound sign" in front means? Hahaha.
I'll have to take it all down and re-install it next summer, but hopefully I can come up with a more permanent display solution between now and then! I'm thinking maybe of cutting a piece of plexiglas and taping or gluing the photos on it. I'm open to suggestions! :)


  1. Wow a real labour of love-a lovely way for permanent memories!

  2. That's wonderful, Paige! I am so impressed! you could perhaps make a "frame" of some kind of light wood (shiplap?) for the back and plexiglas on the top.

  3. That looks so cool Paige. I wish you had it up when my mom and I came to your house in October. It is seriously amazing. You are making me want to print up some IG Photos.

  4. you are seriously AMAZING and creative-LOVE this SO much!!

  5. This is beautiful Paige, thank you for letting us be part of this amazing work of LOVE!

  6. Wow wow wow!!! That looks amazing!! And I am LOVING the sign you designed!!! And that is funny about the # ... when I was growing up it just meant NUMBER ... so curious what the next generation will think! LOL!


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