The Island's Creative Escape Bookbinding, Layout, and Mini Album Class Recap

Sunday, March 4, 2018

I just got back from a wonderful weekend teaching at The Island's Creative Escape in Los Gatos, California! I taught all my favorites: bookbinding, a mini album, and layouts! One particularly fun part about teaching at this store was visiting my old stomping grounds - we lived in San Jose from when I was 3 months - 10 years old! So, lots of nostalgic moments spread throughout this post :)
And my mom tagged along! Yay for girls' trips! We flew on the same flight down to San Jose. It was  a beautiful day above snowy Seattle!
 When we were picking up the rental car the representative asked for my driver's license and when I handed it over it was funny because my license is still from California! It seems like a million years ago that we lived in South Pasadena! We picked up the car and headed straight to Krung Thai - my parents used to eat there often.
 Soooo delicious!
 We were going to go see the Winchester movie since we lived literally two blocks away from the Winchester Mystery House, but I guess seeing the movie at the closest theater to the Winchester house itself is appealing, and even though the movie has horrible reviews, it was sold out! So we bought tickets for Saturday night then headed to the Valley Fair Mall. Cinnabon for the win!
The Apple Store and Microsoft Store were literally across from each other. Whose idea was that? The difference in popularity is so interesting.
 I can't even count the number of times we visited this exact 7-11 when I was a kid! We would walk up the block and I would buy a pack of sixlets :) Can't believe it's still there!
 We had a good sleep at our hotel and the next morning after breakfast we drove around to all our old favorite places. First we drove to one of my best friends' house. As fate/luck/serendipity would have it, my friends' step dad pulled up just moments after I snapped this picture and we got to catch up on the last 23 years! Last time he saw me I was 10, now I'm almost 33, so, it's been awhile!
 Then we drove past my other best friends' house. So many memories!
 Then, we drove past our old house. It's such an indescribable feeling going to a place that has so many memories from so long ago. I'll always remember playing basketball and tetherball in this same driveway, riding wagons up and down these very sidewalks, picking raspberries in this yard, and so so so much more.
 My family in front of the same house circa 1990.

We drove past our old church.
 Then it was time to head to class! But wait! I saw the prettiest pink flowers on the side of the road so we pulled over for a picture. We just don't see things like this so early in the year in the PNW!
And then we arrived at The Island's Creative Escape - I could have sworn that I walked right into heaven!
 Such a mega-super-awesome store with EVERYTHING a scrapper could dream of!!

I loved all of the samples and examples displayed around the store.
 Nuvo Drops in a rainbow of colors.
 Vintage section complete with suitcases and typewriters for sale.
 Ribbon wall.
  I could be in this store for hours and still find more things to discover and oooh and ahhhh over!
 Cute ways to display products.
 Metal die wall.
 This is a future class being taught and I want to come back to take it!

And the wall color?! Be still my heart!
 May Flaum drove 100 miles with her girls to come to my class! She's so awesome.
One of her daughters arranged her papers in rainbow order - I love that!

This photo is from May's instagram, it's such a lovely detail shot.
While I was knee deep in teaching my mom got us lunch from the taco truck in the parking lot. Mmmm.
 Almost finished!

Students hard at work.
 And of course, my most favorite part: lining up all the pretty finished books!
We all use the same materials but each book is unique because of the paint color, thread color, and charms each gal chooses.

Here is the sample coptic book I made to promote the class. We used my Pick-Me-Up collection including 12 papers, the Haberdashery Multi-Pack, and Puffy Stickers to make our own charms.

So happy that everyone went home with a new skill!
 After class my mom and I once again went to Krung Thai for dinner (why change a good thing?!) then we saw Winchester! I enjoyed it but I despise the "jump" scare tactic lol.
 It was pretty dern cool to see the very same house the movie is based on as we were driving back to the hotel!
 The next morning I dropped my mom off at the airport, sniff sniff, and then went back to the store for day two of fun!
 First we made a two-page spread:
 I scraplifted myself for this layout - I made something similar for Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine last year and thought it would be a fun technique to teach - fringing it up!
 Then we made a folded squares mini album! 
Here is the one I made for an example:
I love this cover on this one made by a participant!

 After class I took myself to Taco Bell for dinner then flew the short flight home. I loved watching the sunset and all the changing colors from day to night.
Here is a group photo from the bookbinding class.

Thank you for an amazing time Laurie and everyone who came! Hope to be back soon!


  1. Fun trip! It's nice to see the places where you grew up :) I just realized you were about two minutes from where my parents live! I used to walk to the shopping center where that scrapbook store is all the time when I was growing up.

  2. How fun to visit your old stomping grounds!! That photo of your Mama (and family!) from 1990 is like looking at YOU!!! Spitting image of your Mama you are!! :) I loveeeeeee all the photos!!! What a great class and that store is GORGEOUS! LOVING how May's daughter arranged her papers!!!!!!

  3. Really enjoyed your layout/mini book class! Hope you come back again to teach more classes in the future!


  4. Paige I loved your mini albums you did. Those are amazing creations. TFS your trip here, looks like everyone had a fabulous time there. I would go broke there! You and your daughter have such beautiful hair and the colour is so unique - beautiful! Just had to tell you that!


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