June 2020 Highlights

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Here's what we were up to in June 2020!
 Richard the guinea pig had surgery to remove a huge mass on his side. He's all better now, back to his normal squeakin' self!
 Succulent flowers are so mesmerizing.
 We've spent a lot of time outside on the patio.
 Anytime Chris brings food up to bed, Rachel follows and wants to partake.
Speaking of Rachel. She's still my constant companion. Wherever I go, she goes. Picture proof:

 We went back to the mall to get Mrs. Field's cookies again.
 There was more seating in the food court this time and a few more places were opened.
 It was the first day the Lego store was back opened and only 9 people were allowed in at a time. We waited for our turn to see all the new bricks!
 D-Day remembrance photo on June 6th from our trip to the D-Day Beaches in Normandy.
 A pretty visitor.
 While Fox was at a YouTube camp, Jane and I hung out. She LERVES LaMar's donuts.
Quick pitstop at Home Depot.

Jane has been obsessed with birds ever since she could walk and pretended to flap her wings as she meandered around all our adventures in Europe. She's been begging me to get her birds and I've said no no no. We have enough pets.
Instead, our neighbors who have a pair of budgies let us borrow theirs for 24 hours. Jane doesn't want birds anymore lololol.
 My favorite place opened for in-person dining again! We masked up until our food was brought to us.
 Tom and Margi came over a few times.
  The flowers in the front bloomed!

 Paper flowers bloomed too :)

Jane & Fox took an art class at the rec center.
 They came home with legit portfolios and we loved looking through each and every piece of their artwork.
 All my hanging flowers and planters are pretty much dead now and I don't know why.
 Jane earned herself a mermaid tail and I don't think I've ever seen her happier!

THE POOLS OPENED!!!! I set my alarm to get a reservation and two weeks later our time had come!
 Smiley happy faces. Summer is officially here.

Beautiful cloud formations.
Lots of afternoons thunderstorms roll in, it rains for a bit, and then a rainbow appears.

Family movie night! We watched Alice in Wonderland.
 Handsome Mr. Fox.

June 29th there was a 461 acre fire that was super duper scary. Lots of people were evacuated, it got right up to houses but luckily no structures were burned and no injuries. It started from a malfunction in an electrical pole.
 All afternoon it was smokey and there were airplanes and helicopters flying all around.
 Our friends live right on the road the fire came up to and she took this from her front yard.

 SCARY. But so glad it wasn't worse.

These are the 9 projects I shared this month:
Sweet Smile Layout
Lovely Sweet Miracle Layout
Such a Cute Girl Layout
Magic Layout
Strasbourg Mini Album
Mixed Media Mini Album
Thank You Cards in Bulk
Love Love Love Layout
Folding Squares Mini Album

The first of 20 summer cut files was sent out today! Sign up HERE.
 I have three other exclusive cut file bundles HERE.

I went through my layout stack from the last year and did a flip through before putting them all away into their designated scrapbooks: FLIPPING THROUGH 55 LAYOUTS
  I had to go through all of Fox's scrapbooks and fix them - the adhesive I used 10+ years ago stopped working so I pieced every page back together and while I had them all out, I decided to flip through all of his scrapbooks in a YouTube video.

And I finally labeled all of my scrapbooks. Two entire IKEA Fabrikör cabinets filled and I have a 3rd ready to go!
  Did you know Bloom Street is available in JoAnn stores?!
 I finally got to check it out in person at my local JoAnn and it was so fun to see!
  The Summer 2020 issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine released in paperback and digital and I have a couple layouts inside!

Starting a new Sketch & Stitch Flower Frame layout!
  Here are the 4 cut files I gave away in my Happy Scrappy Place Facebook Group this month:
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... my next collection! YES! Come back tomorrow for the full reveal!

We're off to a family reunion this weekend so July will for sure be full of fun moments!


  1. Loving this recap!!! A lot reopened here, but then this past Monday, almost everything shut down again as our numbers spiked in the thousands! Oy! LOVING all the photos, the one of Fox jumping is so fun!!! And my Dad used to have those birds that your neighbors let you borrow for the night, ummmmmm yeah ... I TOTALLY get why Jane doesn't want birds anymore!!! LOL!!!! My Dad's were so ANNOYING!! HA!!!!

  2. Your life is so full of happiness and fun and honest and true Paige, it couldn't happen to a nicer girl.
    I laughed so hard about borrowing the neighbours budgie birds for 24 hours. That's sooo clever! Rachel is adorable, I love seeing her relaxing about. Is Richard named after Monica's boyfriend on Friends? ha! Sorry to hear about your hanging plants, that's weird ! Your yard is still beautiful ! Have a fun Family Reunion, safe travels. PS. That airplane photographed from your friends house is pretty wild ! It's so big, so close and so low to the ground. Glad everyone and everything was safe!


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