January 2022 Highlights

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Here's what we were up to the first month of 2022!

It snowed real good so we went sledding.
We went to a DU hockey game. What I love about hockey is how fast-paced it is - never a dull moment!
We left a little early, I think it ended in a tie.
Why does Fox already look like a teenager?! Where did my little baby Fox go?!
The first Sunday in January Fox was ordained a deacon at church. Tom and Jay Evans have been there for all of Fox's important milestones - baby blessing, baptism, and now ordination. It's so sweet and special.
For a date night we went to Sierra in Lone Tree for dinner.
We got to sit at the window and see the pretty twinkly views all across Denver.
These fried dough balls were DELISH! I'd go back just for these babies!
Snow dance!
Fox and his bestie Bradee.
Chris' brother is an animator for Sony and his newest movie Hotel Transylvania: Transformania released on Amazon so we went over to Tom & Margi's to watch it together.
Way to go Nick!
Jane the animal whisperer.
My mom sent me one of her super cute Valentine tassel garlands!
Me throughout the month.
Once a quarter I get together with my scrappy besties. Always a wonderful time!
Uh oh. Something is wrong with our car. It got towed to the shop and we're awaiting the diagnosis... I dislike car problems.
I watched Scream for the very first time! I don't know how I've never seen it before, especially since I love scary movies sooo much. We watched Scream 2 too. Working our way through the series so we can go see the new movie.
We only saw one movie in the theater in January: American Underdog. I loved it so much I pre-ordered it in iTunes so I can watch it on repeat when it's available. I don't even like football, but I loved this story.
Some memes I found that were funny:

The kitties. Oh how I heart them :)

They still love to snuggle each other, explore, and get into everything.

I spy an Amy.
Always checking out what I'm working on.
Jill's first time seeing snow. She was mesmerized. 
Jillybean sleeping on Jane's pink chair and our pink couch.
Snuggling with Amy and Amy sleeping in Rachel's chair.
I love that they love this orange blanket placed on my scrap table.
Sittin' pretty.
After Spay Day. Poor girls. But it's for the best!
When Amy sits on me and snuggles me, it's just the best. Jill is usually at my feet.


On the scrappy front! I shared 4 projects in January - left to right:
Snowman Layout // Embroidered MemoryDex Card
Angled Accordion Mini Album // Grateful for Your Friendship Layout

I gave away 8 cut files, several in my Happy Scrappy Place Facebook Group, a few in my Newsletters, and one for Scrapbook & Cards Today!

I made a bundle with 50 family-themed words for $8 in my Etsy shop:

I spent the first week of January collating the supplies for my next round of PaigePals.

All boxed up and ready to go! I shipped out everyone's orders and then the waiting game began!

On January 29th I taught my first virtual classes of the year. I made myself a list of talking points to keep the conversations rolling :)

In the morning I taught a layouts class which is available HERE.

And in the afternoon I taught a mini album class which is available HERE.

My PaigePals2 virtual classes are scheduled for February, March, and April. I'll teach Splendid classes in May and then PaigePals3 will be in June, July, August, and September. I plan to open pre-orders for those kits and classes in April so stay tuned! I have all of the supplies already and I'll create the class projects closer to that time.

Onto the next project! Someone asked me if I was going to do another Valentine Cut File bundle. Sure! So I got to work designing 12 Days of Love Cut Files for February 3rd-14th.

Then I did something I've never done before: I made a layout (and one mini album!) with every single cut file! I've used my Christmas Cut Files in my December Dailies for the past 3 years and the Halloween Cut Files in an October mini album, but never have I ever made layouts with every cut file from an exclusive bundle and it was so so so FUN to scrap for days on end just for me, using whatever supplies I wanted! I also filmed a process video for every cut file, I've never done a YouTube series before, so this is extra exciting :)
In addition to my projects for every cut file, my Design Team also made projects with the 12 Days of Love Cut Files which I'll share here every day from February 3rd-14th.
On January 6th I announced my next collection with American Crafts called SPLENDID!
I've been using Splendid to make layouts and mini albums already, I can hardly wait until April when it starts shipping. As I was taking promo pics to share on release day the kitties wanted to feel important too so they jumped right into the action :)
We've done a lot of renovations since moving in almost 4 years ago and dust has been accumulating all over my mini albums.
I spent about 3 days going through every single page of every single mini album I've ever made, wiping them down, fixing anything wonky, and reliving some of our most amazing memories. Gosh I love scrapbooking! Since I took out every mini album from the baskets where I store them, I decided to take a picture. 83 minis and counting! There are actually more in my pink cabinet that I totally forgot to include. Next time ;)
January flew by in the blink of an eye! Here's to a wonderful February!


  1. Fun month! Of course, every month is fun with you guys!

  2. I'm doing a bit of a catch up this morning and feeling a wee bit lazy seeing what you managed in one month 😀 Whew! Soooo many PaigePals kits to organize, package and mail. I've mentioned it before, but will say it again, I really love class days and so grateful you do them. All the kitty moments are beyond wonderful, especially the photos of them snuggling together. I sure related to the first meme you shared, LOL ! The whole driving at night thing is something I too avoid and one of the reasons we moved from the country into the city. The Love Bundle was a lot of fun and I always look forward to what's next xxK


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