The One with the Surprise Birthday Party

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A conversation between me and my malm describing the events of last night:

You know how I said last night we were going over to the Bybees to play games? It turned out to be a surprise birthday party for me!
Malm: FUN!!!!!
me: I know! I seriously had NO idea. I was thiiiiis close to not even going because I had a stomachache.
Malm: Did Chris know?
me: Yeah, he planned it.
Malm: Tell me how it went down.
me: Well. Chris thought I knew something or had an inkling because a few days ago I noticed a charge on the credit card for like $7 at a dollar store. I asked him what he bought and he said snacks. I had no reason not to believe him so I said okay cool. Yesterday, ALL DAY LONG, I was in the scraproom making stuff and I had been eating these mustard pretzel things and got a stomachache so I wasn't feeling so good, but I didn't want to be lame, so at 6:50 Chris woke me up from my nap and said to get ready. I really didn't want to, but I did. Chris was like, "You need to let me know if you want to go or not so I can cancel or not." I guess he would have had to spill the beans if I decided not to go. Also, he made a huge batch of crepe batter. He said he was surprised I wasn't suspicious of that, but I thought that Jenny and Chris were going to be there too, so we'd just eat crepes together, what's so suspicious about that? He also thought I knew something was up when I got dressed all cute, but I just didn't want to look like a scrub! I swear I didn't know a single thing. I guess I'm just not observant. But really, he's never done anything like this before, so why would I have reason to suspect anything? So anyways. We drove over to the Bybees and knocked on their door and when they answered there were a whole bunch of people inside and they were blowing noise thingies and wishing me happy birthday and there were streamers and a banner and lots of desserts.
Malm: Who was there?
me: The Christensens, the Bybees, the Olsons, the Moncriefs, the Poelmans, and the Kuchenmeisters. (Sorry if I butchered the spelling of any of those names!)
Malm: Fun!
me: Yup it was!
Thanks lovey dovey and to all who came, I was totally and legitimately surprised. Ya'll are good at keeping secrets.
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