The One with Sneetches

Sunday, June 13, 2010

It has recently come to my attention that I am officially "showing" and people stare at my belly instead of my face when I'm in public. I feel like I look like a Sneetch:
I want to paint a star on my belly just to emphasize my bump a little more.
The joys of being pregnant :)
I'm serious.
I love it.


  1. i love it too. it's kind of like how before you were married guys would give you the up and down. but now it's EVERYONE giving you the up and half down. sometimes i smile at how obvious people are when they're trying to be discreet. it's hilarious. i'm so glad you appreciate it all!

  2. Hahaha, what a great way to put it! I was so happy when I finally started showing and then wanted to do anything to show it off. I painted a black tank top with bright orange paint across my belly and it said "Pumpkin Smuggler" (I was due early November). Love that top.

  3. haha, you should totally do that on thursday


  4. Cheap Target tee shirt and a Freezer Stencil. Add some fabric paint or even bleach, and you're a Sneetch!

  5. Awww! That is so funny! Totally cute too! You SHOULD wear a star on your belly! :-D


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