The One with the Blowout

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Picture this: we're sitting in sacrament meeting of church and the first speaker is talking and all of a sudden we hear a "sdlghaldflkdgsdgsdvzxvadsgsnldhg" come from Fox's bum region. I'm thinking, it's A-OK, I have a diaper, I have wipes, I even have a change of clothes and socks for Fox, everything will be peachy keen. So I stand up and grab said diaper and wipes and change of clothes and that's when I notice the disaster that is commonly known as a blowout. Now, Fox has had blowouts before, so I wasn't freaked out or anything. But this time was a first because it GOT ON ME TOO! It got everywhere! His pants, his onesie, his sweater, his socks and more!
And yes, we took pictures to show Fox's first girlfriend :)
That bright yellow stuff is poop. Yup. I've got poop on me. On my bright white now probably forever stained shirt. Thanks baby :)
Not even his shoes escaped the disaster.
Good thing we live one block away from church! Disaster remedied in 5.5 minutes flat.
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