The One with Magic Eye 3D

Monday, January 3, 2011

Remember those Magic Eye 3D puzzle thingies that were so very popular in the 90s? Yeah, I could never do 'em. I always got so frustrated at parties when kids would bust those books out and I could never see anything no matter how hard I focused or stared. Oh whoa is me.
Until now!
I got this book for Christmas and have been having a BLAST seeing the images! (Granted my eyes are a little sore now - but supposedly it's a good exercise for them...)
I've finally realized what the book means by "looking through" the image instead of staring right at it. That was my problem. No matter how hard I stared right at it nothing ever changed. Cuz that's not how it's done! But now I'm (finally) part of the special magic eye seeing club :) Good times.
PS - Can you see what's on the cover of this book!?!? I CAN I CAN!
(a duck and an egg)


  1. I ma trying to hard, but I still can't see those pics! Just started reading your blog and i am really enjoying it!

  2. I am usually really good at seeing those but I don't know if it is the computer screen or what but I can't see the duck!

  3. I couldn't ever see those and still cant! :( btw, I want that "thank you" card print for the baby's room! It's too cute!

  4. I can NOT see these things!! But you've given me hope that someday I may be able to...

  5. I have never been able to do this... haha

    PS will you text me your number? 801 850 2737

  6. I just tried yet again, and I can't see anything. Maybe before I try I will be able to...

  7. If you're looking for the pillow, i saw it too on etsy ( ) ...and i love it too, but a little too expensive...

  8. I remember those things! I used to have a postcard book of them when I was younger. I can see the bird and the egg in a nest or something? :) Glad you're part of the club now.


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