The One with Fox at Four Months

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fox turned 4 months old on Valentine's Day! He's the cutest 4-month-old Valentine I've ever had, that's for sure. We took him to the doctor this morning and here are his official stats:

Weight: 15 pounds 3 ounces - 50th percentile
(He's gained exactly 7 pounds since birth)

Height: 25 1/2" - 70th percentile
(He's grown exactly 6 inches since birth)

Head circumference - 17.2" - 80th percentile
(I have no idea how big his head was at birth, alls I know is he has a REALLY BIG head now!)
What Fox is like at 4 months:
He needs Baby Rogaine. He's lost like 75% of his hair. It looks to me like it's growing in blonde. Chris was a toe-head baby, so it's in his genes. We'll see what happens!

He's becoming Grabby McGrabberson. I have to be much more careful about what's in front of my when I'm holding him on my lap cuz he's reaching out and grabbing anything and everything, and then putting it in his mouth.
Does Fox like tummy time? Not so much. I don't know what I was thinking never making him do it. I guess when I put him on his stomach months ago and he cried I never tried it again. But then I started reading books and articles and realized that Fox wasn't doing the things he should be doing so we've been working on it more and more. We've propped him up on a Boppy and made fools of ourselves trying to distract him and that seems to do the trick. But take the Boppy away and he screams like bloody murder. Today the doctor said to just let him cry for a few minutes. She's not concerned about him though, he's lifting his head like a champ, he just needs to figure out that his arms can be a big help. So we'll keep working on tummy time.
I love how first babies are guinea pigs. Next baby I'll know how important tummy time is and will make him/her do it from the get-go.
How are Fox's sleeping habits? Oh boy. He used to be so great! From 1-3 months he went to sleep around 8pm and woke up at 3am then I just woke up with him at 6am so that means I only woke up once a night. Then at 3 months he got a cold and ever since then he's been going to sleep between 6 and 7pm, then waking up at midnight, 2am, 4am, 5am, and 6am. We're definitely going to "Ferberize" him if I can ever find the time to read that honker of a book.
Mr. Fox always has to be held and facing outward which makes getting things done quite a task. I love that he needs to loved and will appreciate this phase no matter how difficult it makes things for me :)

He LOVES being outside. He gets sick of being cooped up in our apartment, I don't blame him, I just think it's funny that he knows where he is and has opinions about what he likes and doesn't like. At four months! So we go on three or four half hour to an hour walks every day and he's as happy as can be. He loves running errands and going and doing things. He's very much stimulated by his surroundings and gets bored quickly if in the same situation for more than an hour or so. The umbrella stroller that I got about a month ago has opened up so many possibilities. The big stroller that we used for the first few months is just SO BIG and hard to maneuver so I'm very happy with this cheap umbrella stroller that he sits in and he can see everything coming his way and is as happy as a clam (what does that even mean?) :)

He's fitting into all of his 3-6 months clothes and I've sadly had to put away all of his 0-3 months clothes. Why sadly? Because it means he's growing up! So fast! Slow down! I know I say this every time, but it's true. The time is flying.
Mr. Fox makes quite the shrieks and shrills! Plug your ears if you can't handle high pitched squeaks cuz he makes plenty in this video:
Fox has the cutest laugh but he certainly doesn't give it away for free. You have to work hard and earn his laughs. Dancing ridiculously in front of him sometimes does the trick. He also has a ticklish spot under his left arm that I've found makes him laugh when I'm changing him. So cute. Can't wait for more and more laughs!

Here are some other random things I was going to do individual posts about, but I think they go nicely with this all encompassing post.

Fox needed a tie to complete one of his Sunday ensembles but I don't have one. So we let him wear one of Chris's instead!
Okay, so he didn't really wear it to church, but I was seriously considering it!

We haven't swaddled Fox in a really long time cuz he always escapes as soon as he's wrapped up, but while I was working Chris swaddled him up real tight like a little baby burrito and I just think he's the cutest little bean!
Fox is alllllmost starting to roll over! When I go into his nursery to pick him up from his nap he's like this:
Fox is my everything. He has changed me. He melts my heart like butta and being his mom is the best thing that's ever happened to me. I love him to pieces and I love him whole!
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