The One with the 1200th Post Giveaway Winner

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And the randomly selected winner is.... drumroll please....
Congrats Shanell!! Email me your address at paigetaylorevans @ gmail dot com
It's like this giveaway was made for you and your little girls :)

Speaking of little girls, I got the results back from baby Jane's anatomy ultrasound - she's perfect! The only thing is my placenta is down low, just like it was with Fox, which could lead to complications and a C-section, but hopefully like when I was preggo with Fox it'll move up to the right position before delivery. My doctor said she'll check the placement at my next appointment on March 27th - and I'll also ask the doc to check to see if Jane's still a she. 

While we're on the topic of baby Jane, I bought her very first item of clothing! A cute vintage floral ruffle skirt from Janie and Jack (super on sale - woohoo!). 
Aaaand I ordered her this cute pair of crocheted booties from the Made by Stephanie etsy shop. They match the skirt perfectly!
I've already started a "things to make for Jane" folder on my desktop - embellished onesies, little bracelets, hair accessories, and my mom is making her a quilt! I'm sure I'll share things as they're made and once I acquire more things in my "to make" folder.
I can't stop smiling!
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