The One with 20 Weeks = Halfway!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Official 20 week belly shots!
Today I am 20 weeks along! 20 out of 40 means I'm halfway there! (Although, you're given 2 weeks for free at the beginning because of "the cycle". Technically every month every girl is 2 weeks pregnant if you think about it... weird huh?)

I've got a lot of questions and thoughts and emotions and feelings goin' on these days. What can I say? I'm pregnant!
Are boys better big brothers or are girls better big sisters?
I hope she's still a girl because there's a sale at GAP right now and I may have gone a little crazy... but I'm keeping receipts just in case!
We're not planning on moving, we're in this apartment for the long haul - until May of 2013. It's only two bedrooms: ours and Fox's. Therefore, Jane doesn't get her own room. Which makes me sad because I had soooo much fun planning and decorating Fox's room. It's mostly primary colors so it works for both boys and girls, but I have visions of grays and light pinks and aquas and yellows for Jane's room. Not gonna happen until we move though. She'll be about 10 months old then so she won't even remember not having a room, which is nice.
It's challenging trying to figure out where everything is going to go, we're already bursting at the seams with our zero storage. There's not even a closet in Fox's room. Baby's need a lot of stuff! But we'll make do, somehow, someway. Spring cleaning is in the air!
I'm kinda starting to freak out about having to wake up a few times every night again. Breastfeeding hurts. Recovery from giving birth is painful and long. Definitely all worth it, but still, kinda dreading it.
Getting dressed every morning sends me into fits. My tops fit just fine, maternity shirts are great and there are lots of cute styles and options. But pants? Not so much. I've been to Target, to GAP, to Old Navy, and more, but I can't find any cute maternity pants. What's so hard about making regular cute pants, just putting elastic around the waist instead of the usual thing? I've tried the Bella Band before, but it's uncomfortable to me. Maybe the one I got was too small. These pink pants aren't maternity, they're just a couple sizes bigger than what I normally wear, and I'm using the hair tie method to keep them buttoned.
I've already gained 15 pounds. Well on my way to the 56 grand total I gained with Fox... I guess it's just what my body does when growing a baby. Granted I don't exercise... ever... except last night at the Cardio Dance Party taught by Daisy :) (Totally fun!)
All whining and mixed emotions aside, I am so(oooooooo!!!!!!) excited for this baby girl! 
I look at the teeny tiny dresses and teeny tiny shoes and can't believe that in just a few months there will be a teeny tiny baby to put inside them!
I'm looking forward to Fox being a big brother and protecting his little sister and watching how they interact and grow together.
I can't wait to learn how to do fancy braids and buy dolls and play dress-up and act like princesses.
I'll be so happy to have a little pal to talk to all things girly and go see chick flicks with!
140 days, mas o menos, to go!
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