The One with the First Fashion Fight

Monday, June 9, 2014

Forgive me if you follow me on instagram (@paigetaylorevans) and have already seen this, but it must be thoroughly documented!

 While Jane has already shown tendencies towards loving one pair of shoes in particular, usually I just take them out of her hands and proceed putting on a pair I feel goes with her outfit more and all is well.

But yesterday morning was different!

I got her dressed, then she wanted to wear my necklace so I took it off my neck and wrapped it around hers. She proceeded to dance around and exclaim, "I pretty!" Yes you are Jane :) Then I told her to go pick some shoes, trying to give her some options in her little almost-two-years-old life, and she chose the same pair of pink shoes she wears almost every day! NO! THEY DON'T MATCH! (I actually don't care THAT much, but I would have preferred sandals). When I tried to take them out of her hands she had the biggest hissy fit she's thrown yet! WHOA! Where did that come from? Little miss independent, strong-willed, stubborn Janey painey!
In the end I decided it's not a big deal, she can wear her pink shoes. They actually don't look so bad :)
I'm guessing this won't be our last fashion fight! 
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