The One with the Nightly Popcorn Ritual

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Every night since I can remember Chris has popped popcorn in his beloved Whirlypop. Then Joey came along and wanted in. Then Fox came along and wanted in. Then Jane came along and wanted in! Now every night is a popcorn party!
I couldn't choose which picture to share. I love Jane and Chris smiling in this one. I love Fox being goofy. 
I love Chris and Jane interacting in this one. I love Fox being goofy. 
I love them ALL being goofy!
I love my cute family and our little traditions that make every day so special.


  1. Jane made me laugh out loud on the last photo :D
    Cute! :)

  2. How cute are Fox and Jane. Little goofballs!

  3. We have a whirly-pop and make fresh popcorn almost every single night. Sometimes I have to sneak it from the littles because they go to bed so early. My husband and I share a bowl and watch a TV show before bed, practically every night. It is a timeless tradition of ours and I look forward to this time every evening :) - Glad we're not the only ones enjoying fresh popcorn every evening.
    Gabrielle from Denton, TX

  4. So fun!! Great photos to document their nightly ritual, and I love that the doggie gets in on it too!! :)

  5. Your family is adorable. That is all.

  6. Note to all, BUY A WHIRLEY POP! They are the best poppers ever!

    I'm so glad my kids have inheritied my love of popcorn! :)

  7. What an awesome family tradition!


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