DreamBox by The Original ScrapBox

Monday, November 19, 2018

The Original ScrapBox was kind enough to send me their brand new DreamBox to test out! Three words to sum it up: SO.MUCH.STORAGE! I wasn't even able to fill the entire thing up which means I have room to grow which is more than awesome!
Here is me opening up the DreamBox:
What is the difference between the WorkBox 3.0 and the DreamBox you may ask? Here is a blog post with everything you need to know for comparison: https://www.theoriginalscrapbox.com/blogs/news/dreambox-vs-workbox-3-0
You know I love things in rainbow order! I finally got my ribbons out of ziplock bags and into these cute jars that come with the DreamBox. The metal poles are PERFECT for storing washi tape.
Paints, sprays, and baker's twines adorn the right cabinet shelves so now I can see them at all times which means I will use them more.
I mainly scrapbook by collection and have used ziplock bags since the beginning. These plastic bins are so much nicer and easier to see and access and tote from the shelf to the desk. Win win all around!
I love how everything is see through so I don't need to open up the drawers to see what's inside and I don't even really need to label anything because there it is!
I filled the buckets with lots and lots and lots of things! Like these large stencil brushes.
In the center I had so much storage I didn't even know what to do with so I filled in some of the shelves with colorful words. When I do get more stuff (and that's definitely "when", not "if" lol) I can replace the words with more plastic bins.
The left cabinet mirrors the right cabinet and I've got lots of little bits and embellishments stored here.
Yarn. Threads. Beads. Oh my!
A whole drawer full of punches.
Roller stamps. Embroidery threads. Mixed media crayons.
Ribbon spools, sticker books, a vase for a pop of color.
Glitter glue. Glitter. Silhouette Sketch Pens.
There is a small round hole in the center for cords to reach through so I'm all hooked up with the Silhouette Cameo and sewing machine!
A bin for scraps because I can't seem to throw even the tiniest bits away!
There is a light that comes in the crown piece so I can scrapbook during these darker winter days. I've also got my typewriter, die cut machine, and another basket of embellishments underneath. The table can be set to sitting or standing so you can scrap whichever way you prefer!
They really thought of everything! It's a scrapbooker's Dream(Box!) come true!
Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love it! Your wallpaper matches my curtains! Great minds... :)

  2. Just beautiful! Love your organization

  3. My dream is to own one of those one day!!! It looks AMAZING! I am loving how you organized it!!! And loving the candy drawer!!! :)


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