The One with a Funny Phone Call

Monday, July 5, 2010

I have a 425 area code for my cell - which is the suburbs north and east of Seattle. I get 425 phone calls sometimes, 801 phone calls sometimes (that would be Utah), and now I get 626 or 310 phone calls (LA area) occasionally. Any other phone calls with random area codes I get, I usually ignore. If it's really important and legitimate, they'll leave a message right? So the other night Chris and I were at Arby's getting dinner when my phone started to ring. It was a 206 number (the city of Seattle) and since I didn't recognize the number I just let it ring. A few minutes later I had a voicemail which I listened to and went something like this:
"Hi Denise, it's Sharon. I'm sorry we won't be able to make it tonight, we're just so busy, but we want to contribute any way we can, so we'll donate $2500 and you can just charge that to my credit card. The number is 4500 1234 5678 9123 and the expiration is 04/11. Thanks so much, have a great night, talk to you later!"
Oooh I was so tempted to write down that credit card number and go on a massive shopping spree!
But I'm a good girl and didn't. I deleted the voicemail right then and there and forgot about it.
Then about an hour later my phone rang again and it was that same 206 number. Again, I ignored it. A few minutes later my phone rang AGAIN and again it was that same number! Dang Gina! So I finally answer and the convo went like this:
"No, this is Paige, you have the wrong number."
"Oh my gosh, did I give you my credit card number?"
"Uh, yeah, but I immediately deleted the voicemail."
"Oh, okay, thank you so much, bye!"
30 seconds later, my phone rang again. Three guesses who it was and the first two guesses don't count. I answered the phone and here's how it went down:
"Nope, it's still Paige."
"Well shoot! I must really have the wrong number!"
"Yup, I'm sorry!"
"Okay, bye."

And that's my story for the day. Shoulda coulda woulda huh? :)


  1. please tell me this isn't their real credit card # on your blog ;)

  2. this story is hilarious! she deserved to get money stolen from her...what an idiot. this will be a great story for a YW lesson on honesty one day :)

  3. Hi, this is Denise's blog, right? Great. I would like to donate $1000 to your blog. My CC Number is 1111-2222-3333-4444 and the expiration date is 01/15. Thanks! one besides you, Denise, can see these comments, right? Okie dokie!

  4. Oh my gosh! Who does that? Good thing she got lucky and left her cc number with a good girl! :)

  5. Oh my. That is too funny! I've gotten some crazy wrong numbers too.

    Actually, my last home phone number.... was embossed into hundreds (thousands?) of fencing systems across the US. I'd get calls ALL the time (sometimes, twice a day) from people who lived on farms/ranches (with no internet access, mind you) asking if I could help them fix their fencing. Umm.... no, I can't. :-p

    But you know what? I found out their *real* number (Google, of course), and I handed it out every single time. LOL. That company should have been paying me.... LOL! I did call them to let them know. They didn't mention payment. ROFL! Just kidding... I was happy to do it. :-)

    Anyway, you ARE a good girl! And that was very nice of you... to not use it! LOL. :-)


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