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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just wanted to update and say that Fox is now sleeping in a 9 hour stretch with a total night time sleep of 11 hours (he goes back to sleep for two hours after eating after his 9 hour stretch).
In only a matter of four nights this is the result.
We're thrilled. Ecstatic. Elated.
And best of all, now we act like nice, normal human beings instead of grouches :)
Hope this trend continues cuz I'm lovin' it.

Mr. Fox and Mr. Chris are heading out to Priesthood session as I type this and I'm heading out to meet up with Amy and scrap a Bat Mitzvah on the site.
I sure do love my dapper boys!


  1. Soooo glad he is sleeping better for you! I know how it can be when your kids don't let you sleep.

    Love that picture of your two guys. Fox's tie is adorable!

  2. oh my goodness!!!....that is the cutest picture. look at your boys all dressed up! glad he's sleeping through the night now. so happy for you....sweet dreams!

  3. I had fun with our boy tonight! And miraculously, we made it through the whole meeting!

  4. yeaaa! I'm so happy for you!! Isn't it soooo great?? You totally miss them at night (as weird as that sounds), but you are soooo excited to see them in the morning! good job!

  5. yahoo!
    i adore these photos, fox's tie and shoe socks are priceless.

  6. I'm so glad!!! It will be fine now. Mine will yell out in his sleep. Sometimes I think he's awake but he's not... so if you hear him yelling, wait before going in :) :) I remember those grouchy days... oh and they were rough... totally feel you.

  7. Woohoo! Good for you! I'm SO proud of you for sticking with it! :-) And I'm SOOOO happy that you're getting sleep! Because wow, I felt so bad for you when you said you weren't sleeping. :-(

    And, Fox is SOOOO cute! GAH! Can't get over how adorable he is in these photos. :-D

  8. Chris you need a hair cute. Geez, take a little pride in your appearance!!

  9. YAY! It makes you feel like a new person when they start sleeping through the night!!

  10. i should really stop stalking and go to bed but this is just toooo adroable! WHAT A CUTIE!!!!! your baby that is - the husband is okay too hehehe.


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