The One with Home Sweet Home Day 7

Monday, April 25, 2011

Today was uber relaxed. I'm still very depressed about Jadis. Tomorrow we'll be back in South Pas and will face life without my friend. It's going to be so weird. But we'll get to that when we have to get to that. Today we went to Mikey's Bagels for a little brunch and then chilled and worked at home all day. Eric just got back from college on Sunday and I caught him on camera being silly for a few seconds. This definitely brightens my day.

It was cold today so I wrapped myself and Fox up in Allie's robe and we had a little snuggle time.
We tested to see if Gypsy will chase a laser. Does she or doesn't she?

She most definitely does!


  1. Paige, I'm so so sorry about your bird. Losing pets is SO hard, especially when the circumstance of their death isn't the best. My favorite little girl Molly was run over by a car in front of me. All I ever could do was talk about the what-ifs and be so sad about it. A good trip to the temple will go a long way. And REMEMBER - Heavenly Father probably welcomed him with open arms! Love you girl.

  2. Eric always serves as a good comedic relief! L.O.V.E. the pictures of you and Mr. Fox! Adorable! So happy I got to see you for at least a little bit while you were here. Can't wait to see you next :)!

  3. I think that picture of you and Fox on the left is the cutest thing I have ever seen!


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