The One with Fox at 16 Months

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fox posts trump all holidays :) Today he's 16 months old (and baby in utero is 16 weeks!) Here are our done at home stats - official ones coming after his well-baby appointment on Thursday.

 Length: 33.5" (90-95%) 
 Weight: 24 pounds (25-50%) 
 Head circumference: 19.5" (90-95%)

Fox has added a few words to his vocabulary and tricks to his 'act' in the last month!

Words he says:
Bye (buh)
Buzz! (as in Buzz Lightyear)
No! (not a fan of this one...)
Oh no!
Uh oh!
One Two (meaning he wants to play "3, 2, 1" and have us run him around like Uncle Jay)
Shoes (still sounds like "eesh")

Fox is a facial copycat and likes to mimic any face that we make at him. He squints his eyes when we do so, puckers his lips up to his nose, throws his head back and laughs like a cornball, sticks his tongue out, blows bubbles, blows raspberries, presses his forefinger against his lips and says, "Shhhh!" and more. I'm trying to get pictures of these tricks but whenever I have the camera out he just wants to grab it.

Fox found my belly button and loves it for some weird reason. I tell him, "Your brother or sister is in there!" and sometimes he'll rest his head on my stomach like he does to soft things like pillows and Rachel the cat. Maybe on some level he knows his sibling is in there. Precious.

Fox is such a little helper! Three instances:
1) Every day for the past 16 months he's been glued to my hip as I've performed my morning routine which includes feeding our plethora of animals. Now he grabs the hay bag from the shelf, reaches in, grabs a handful, and throws it in Chandler the rabbit's cage. Then he grabs Chandler's pellet bowl and hands it to me.
2) I'll hand him a piece of garbage and say, "Throw this away!" and he'll take it into the kitchen and throw it in the trash. This could come in handy :)
3) When we're putting our groceries away, namely water bottles, he grabs one and hands it to us to put in the fridge, then gets another one and hands it to us, and another one, and another one, etc, until they're all put away! He loves to be told "Thank you!" and praised for his hard work.

I turn my attention elsewhere for two seconds and I come back to find that a tornado has swept through Fox's room:
I give up trying to stay on top of his messes early in the morning and then clean it all up before he goes to bed.

Yesterday I was emptying the dishwasher and then discovered Fox had somehow crawled into the bathtub.
He's a climber!

Fox and his Daddy have such a special bond.
No on can make Fox laugh like Chris can. They read together, play together, rough-house together. It's the perfect relationship between father and son. Every day when Chris comes home from a long day of school, Fox lights up and instantly becomes happy.

Fox ate his first popsicle. He liked it for the first 3/4 and then gave me the rest.

We have zero storage in our apartment so we've kept all the big baby things out and assembled in Fox's room. Recently he rediscovered his bouncer. 

He's a funny guy who likes what he likes and there's no rhyme or reason behind it.

I think we're about done with the standard Fox in his chair on his monthly birthday photo. He hasn't quite cooperated the last few months.
We love this guy and his enthusiastic personality! It's so fun to watch him learn new things and discover the world and figure everything out. Every day he becomes more "grown up" and it's so exciting to watch him turn into a little human being with thoughts and feelings and desires of his own.

We love you Fox!


  1. oh goodness, he's almost too big for his chair. look at those long legs!!!! perfect!

  2. I think this is my favorite monthly post. I love that he loves helping and his daddy makes him laugh at anything. Can't wait to see you and Fox in the spring!!

  3. That head of hair slays me. I am glad he inherited your luxurious locks!

    And of course, as always, Fox is adorable.

  4. omg he is so cute. I just want to kiss that beautiful boy!!

  5. He is growing so fast and is almost too big for the bouncy chair! Maybe you can change the pictures from sitting to standing beside something, especially something that would show his change in height! Thanks for sharing Fox with us :)

  6. Um excuse me, he can say "Jay!" He could say that at Christmas when he would see me. And, I am the one to thank for the "two". You're welcome. Think of the other amazing things he would already be doing if I were around more!

  7. He's growing up! And is such a DOLL!

  8. That bouncer picture is funny! :) Keep trying for the chair! :)

  9. what a little sweetheart! he has so much hair!

  10. awwwwwwwwww he is adorable!
    you are getting so big little one!
    ... next thing you know he will be
    in preschool!

    :) its too cute how his little
    teeth show ♥

    MELINA ♥

  11. He's so cute! Love these posts!

  12. He's so cute! There's this little window of terror for boys from about 12-24 months. Just hang on to the edges of the tornado for dear life and it will quickly pass :)


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