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Thursday, February 2, 2012

- After pretty much lying horizontal for 10 weeks straight and then standing on my feet for 3 days straight at CHA, my legs are literally sore. Yeah. I'm out of shape. What else is new? As soon as I'm done bearing all our children I'll get into shape...

- On my last day of CHA I was planning on walking around and taking a bunch of pictures and then when I took out my camera to get started I realized I left my SD card in my computer at home. #fail. I seems like lots of other scrappers have blogged about it though so I'm living vicariously through their photos.

- I've really liked the first three seasons of the show Fringe. But this season? So lost. Oh so confused. J.J. Abrams is good at confounding his audience. Well on the way to this... (don't blast me Eric!):

- Is anyone going to watch The River? I'm a big Paranormal Activity fan (same producer or something) so hopefully this show is as good as the movies.

- Speaking of scary movies and shows, I'm going to see Woman in Black Saturday night. I hope it's scary! The movie poster is pretty freaky...
I have a hard time picturing Daniel Radcliffe being great in anything besides Harry Potter, so we'll see how this goes!

- Poor Mr. Fox is sick yet again. This is the third time in less than a month he's had a cold. He gets so cranky and ornery when he's not feeling well. It seems we may have found a replacement for Toy Story (can I get an amen?) - Lady and the Tramp. Fox LOVES dogs so it only makes sense he'd like this movie. Milk, snuggles, and a good movie will help get him through this ailment once again.

- Whelp. I've got a lot of schtuff to catch up on and things to create and a baby to tend to! So TTFN!


  1. oh gosh, i'll have to make sure that eric doesn't see that you posted the LOST hater poster, ha. you are too funny.
    and poor mr. fox. hope he feels better soon!

  2. Poor Fox, hugs and snuggles sent from NC!

  3. Ahh Im such a fan of Lost! Though I do feel like it ended so...abruptly? Like I got it, but not really...were watching Alkatraz and its beyond amazing!!{created by jj abramas} You should definitely watch it!
    I hope Mr Fox feels better very soon! That is such a bummer being sick but even more so when your baby is sick : (

  4. OHHH! I hope you like that movie--looks a bit too scary for me!

    So sorry Fox isn't feeling well--hugs to him! <3

  5. I just had a conversation about Lost's crappy ending the other day!! "We have to go back!"

    Hope Fox feels better soon. Take care of yourselves!!

  6. i LOVE fringe...crazy thing is i saw like 2 episodes last season but have been a devoted fan all this season. someday i'll have to actually get around to watching the first few seasons.

    i love scary movies but none of my friends do, so i don't get to see too many at the theater...

    hope fox is feeling better soon!

  7. Nothing is better than milk, snuggling and a good movie with a little sweetheart! Being pregnant makes it that much better to just put your feet up and relax!

    I hope your little Fox gets to feeling better soon! :0)

  8. Paranormal activity 3 is SOOOOO SCARY! Have you seen it? Freaks me out, dude. I think it's because there are kids involved. Why does that always make it more freaky? Oh man. I couldn't watch any scary movies while I was prego...too tense. It will be interesting to hear what you think of the movie...

    and you didn't look out of shape at all at CHA. You are such a cutie with a little bump!

  9. you're not a true fan of LOST, you should be ashamed...


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