The One with 100 Days to Go!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It seems like only yesterday I posted about 200 days to go until baby Jane gets here and now we're already down to 100 days! This pregnancy is flying by, as I thought it might with Fox keeping me on my toes!
My belly is big enough now that is has become the main conversational topic with strangers. For example, when I go to the bank the teller without fail will ask:
"When are you due?"
"July 27th."
"Do you know if it's a boy or girl?"
"A girl!"
"Is it your first?"
"Nope. Second."
"Oh wow, you're so young!"
"Er, thanks?"
One of these days I'm going to say it's my 5th just to see what kind of reaction I get. And then I'm going to get a t-shirt made with all of these Q&As screenprinted on it so I don't have to keep repeating myself :) Although it is fun to talk about!

100 days 'til we get to meet sweet baby Jane!


  1. Your pregnancy is going by so fast, and yet my pregnancy seems to be dragging. Isn't that the way it goes!?

  2. You look terrific with the preggy glow Paige...lovely photo. And yes!! the conversation is look so young:)

  3. You look wonderful ... hope the next 100 days fly by, too!

  4. you look stunning, you should say it's your 10th, that would really freak people time will fly, I can't believe it's already past the middle of April, what's happening to 2012?

  5. OMGoshness you are SOOOOOO adorable!!! I love love love that dress, where did you get it!? Soo cute!!

    I think your idea about making a shirt with FAQ's is AWESOME!! Makes things soo much easier--but then people would probably start asking about the shirt!!

    You look sooo gorgeous. Some people do pregnancy soo beautifully, and you're one of them!

    P.S. Love love love the name pretty, romantic and nostalgic!

  6. You look amazing Paige! Look at that gorgeous belly and you! 100 days isn't too much and than a new baby in your arms! :> Isn't it fun the questions people ask? :>

  7. Beautiful Paige! love the idea of making a shirt with your stats--there was a lady in my ward a while back that made a sign she wore around her neck--CLASSIC!

  8. You look adorable Paige, and what a darling maternity dress. Doesn't get any cuter than that! :)

  9. What a great due date! My second baby was born on that date. Except he will be 7 this year! Gosh, where did that go???

    Can't wait to meet Jane (on your blog :)


  10. I love your dress! Where did you get it from?

  11. The t-shirt makes me laugh, because I actually had a t-shirt that said "My grandma has red hair" when I was little because people always, always asked where I got my red hair from. Not my two dark-haired parents...

  12. Awe Paige you're beautiful!!!! I can't wait to see pics when she arrives. You're such a great mommy!

  13. You look GORGEOUS! Love the conversation with the bank teller--love the idea of a t-shirt with the answers!

  14. Hee hee! You're so adorable! How do these compare to Fox's photos? I'd love to see each one, side by side. How fun!!! :-)

    And those questions sounded like ones asked of my sister, but she said, "Nope, not my first. My fourth." LOL. :-p *REALLY* freaked people out! ;-) You'll be the same on your 4th! You just have that young look. :-)

  15. Awww do cute...the countdown begins!!

  16. You should have little announcment cards made up, then you could hand them out before they even have a chance to ask! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)


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