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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Do you read Nie Nie?
I was living in Utah and had just started up my own blog when I came across a few other blogs with posts about a woman who had just barely survived a plane crash - one of my biggest fears. Turns out I'm actually named after one of her sisters - Page - since my mom was her Beehive advisor or something along those lines (still waiting to hear back from you Malm to confirm or deny this :) - updated: confirmed! )
I read on my cousin Sara Jayne's blog her smashing review of Nie Nie's book and so I got it for my mom for Mother's Day.
She whizzed right through it. My dad even read it, but thought it was a little sappy :) I told my mom I wanted to read it after they were finished.

 I got it in the mail yesterday.
I finished it today.
It's that good.

Sara Jayne wrote better than I can how I feel about the book, so I'm copying and pasting:
Stephanie Nielson describes in detail her life before, during, and after a devastating plane crash that left her body 80% burned. 
Her descriptions of the accident and recovery are heavy...hard to read but I could not stop.
My favorite thing about the book is that it is a real life love story.
Stephanie and Mr. Nielson (as she calls him) met, fell in love, and were married by the time she was like 19 years old.
All she wanted her entire life was to have a family of her own.
Stephanie and Mr. Nielson went through an unimaginable nightmare together.
Can you imagine literally being burned alive?
One of my biggest fears.
Instead of harvesting blame and anger their love and respect for each other grew and they came out of their trial even more in love than before, despite their majorly changed and disfigured physical appearances.
Being LDS I also enjoyed reading her words about the Church. 
She didn't come off preachy at all, she simply stated what she believed in a 'take it or leave it' kind of way.
I was constantly wondering what people who aren't LDS thought of it all.
The only thing that I didn't like about the book is that I was sad when it was over.
Make sure you have a tissue handy with this one.
For realsies.

Thanks for the book recommendation SJ - and if anyone wants to borrow "my" copy - please do because I want to discuss it ad nauseum!


  1. I can confirm that you were named after Stephanie Nielson's sister, Page. Dald and I were driving to Phoenix for Thanksgiving when we went through Page, Arizona. I said something like, "Page is a cute name. Page Clark is in my Beehive class and she's a really sweet girl". The grandparents would only approve of the name if we added an "I". Only a few months ago, I saw Page Clark at church in Utah. She has 9 kids now. I told her I named my daughter after her and she was honored.

  2. ohhh I've been wanting to read that book too!! can't wait to get mine...

    Also, I was wondering if you were going to do the card challenges again on the Create blog? I LOVE those and miss em!!! your cards always inspire me

  3. I read Nie Nie!! I really want to read the book, I see it everytime I go to barnes and noble, I hear its soo good! I cannot believe all that they have been through, honestly, I dont think I would have stood a chance, I felt astonished when she describes how the recovery went on her just so incredibly grateful to have the church in my life, to have Heavenly Father there whenever you need him, its such a blessing!!

  4. Wow! Thanks for the shout out Paige! Glad you liked the book!

  5. I actually read a story about this a few weeks ago in our local paper, it's a sad and amazing story all at once, I will have to get this book, stories like this make us all so grateful for what we have and make us believe in miracles ")

  6. Love that it sounds so inspirational, but I have to stay away from books that make me cry..was doing so last night, and kept repeating it's just a book, so I know I would fall apart at a true life emotional momment. waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  7. Oh man! Now that's TWO autobiographies I need to read soon! LOL. (Dominique Moceanu's is the other one...)

    Thanks for the review! And so sweet about the story how you got your name. :-) (Just read your mom's comment: Nine kids... wow. Super jealous. :-D )

  8. I picked this book up & loved it!! So inspiring and uplifting - even in the rough moments! A true tale of God's blessings.


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