The One with Allie's Bridal Shower

Monday, March 11, 2013

My mom (Malm) and Tanya flew into Burbank from Seattle late Friday night (Fox and Jane were already asleep), I picked them up, and we headed straight to Yogurtland. Yeah, we have our priorities straight :)
Then we came back to our apartment, got ready for bed, and started watching Silver Lining Playbook. We set our alarms for 5am and went to bed for a few hours. We were up and on the road before Fox woke up. So Grandma and Tanya didn't even get to say hi to him, wah wah!
It was suuuuuper foggy at the peak of the mountains.
But then it opened up to blue skies with scattered clouds amid snowtipped mountains. 
Rollin' rollin' rollin'
Four hours later we arrived in Las Vegas - Henderson to be exact - for my little sister's bridal shower. 
Her fiance's sister is the one to credit for all the adorable decorations.
I've never met Tate (the fiance) before. I skyped with him the morning of the day he proposed so I was super anxious to finally meet this guy! He wasn't at the shower, but from the throngs of women that showed up, I can tell that he and his family are loved. Seriously, I have never seen so many people at a bridal shower before!
It was a brunch so there were little treats, snacks, and desserts. All yummy.
The first game we played was "Famous Couples". I won :) And then there was a page of quotes and we had to guess whether Allie or Tate said them. I got 12 out of 19.
Jane was a hit, everyone loved her, natch.
Jane sat in my lap across from Allie while she opened presents and often turned back to look at me. What a cutie patootie. 
Allie. Hauled. It. In. Like, dang.
She got artwork from her future niece, enough lingerie to wear something different every night for a month, about 6 super cute aprons, a gift certificate from my mom for a tan and wax before the honeymoon, a lovely pistachio green KITCHEN AID (I don't even have a Kitchen Aid!), a Dyson vacuum (we were married for almost 5 years before we could afford a Dyson!) and lots and lots more. She did good. 
All my mom's girls. I love this photo.
Jane conked out on the drive over.
Note to self: cute idea - large scrabble tiles with family member's names.
Their bengal cat was all up in everyone's business cuz she's so nice and friendly.
After some lunch we went to the mall for a few minutes. 
We went into two stores: Anthropologie and Williams Sonoma. 
The sunset as we were heading out to dinner was immaculate.
We waited an hour and 20 minutes to get into the Italian restaurant. It was delicious - definitely worth the wait. Then we drove down The Strip! Vegas, baby! Sin City! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!
What I wouldn't give to have Fox meet Buzz and Woody!
All of the lights and sounds and atmosphere were so exciting!

Allie and Tate promised that Luv It Frozen Custard was not to be missed - they lived up to their word!
Uncle Tate with Jane. He's such a nice guy, I'm excited for him to become an official member of our eternal family!
By this point it was like 9:30pm, two and a half hours after Jane's normal bedtime, and I had no idea that the next day was daylight savings, so we headed to my mom's friend's house and immediately went to bed. I woke up to this sweet little girl:
We dropped Allie back off at Tate's house and then made our way back to Los Angeles!
What a whirlwind of a trip! It went by so fast and every second was a blast. I want to go on more girl's trips, like, yesterday!


  1. Great pics Paige!!! My hubby & I are headed to Vegas this week :)

  2. looks like a great time was had by all! now I am hungry after seeing all those goodies!

  3. looks like a FANTASTIC time--CONGRATS to you sister!!

  4. I didn't see this post until this morning!! That was such a fun trip. Everything was perfect, perfect, perfect. Thanks for driving and thanks for giving me the two best grandchildren in the world!

  5. Congratulations to Allie! I really enjoyed looking at all the fun pictures. That one of your Mom looking at the bra just cracks me up!

  6. Wow, fun!! :-)

    And that blue/green Baby Gap dress Jane is wearing? I got that for Hattie for Easter! LOL! We really do have the same taste. ;-) I LOVE it! :-D

  7. Such a cute shower! (And some amazing gifts!! Congratulations to your sister!!


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