The One with the Dockweiler Beach Bonfire

Monday, March 25, 2013

Saturday night we headed to Dockweiler Beach for our first and last Annual Academy of LDS Dentist's Beach Bonfire.

Fox is very particular about dirt and stuff getting on his hands and feet, but once he saw toys he forgot about the sand between his toes and got to playin'.
This beach is literally on the other side of the airport so Fox was in HEAVEN watching all the planes take off.
In the three hours that we were there at least a hundred airplanes must have flown over our heads. It was awesome. I like to pretend that I'm on them, headed for a grand vacation. Especially the Hawaiin Airlines one we saw. I wonder where that was going?
Not only were there airplanes right over our heads, helicopters kept flying by super low to the ground. Again, Fox was in heaven. Anything that moves, he loves right now.
Despite the face he's making in this picture, Fox was having fun. And Jane was happy as long as there was food in her mouth!

What a glorious day.
Everyone sat around and mingled and just hung out - oh what fun!
Our good friends the Olsons and their cute twin boys.

Fox and my feetsies.
Boy this girl sure knows how to pull at my heartstrings! She can be so affectionate.

Probably one of, if not the, last time we'll be at the beach before our big move across the world!
After hot dogs and hamburgers hot off the grill we roasted s'mores. So good.
The bonfire kept us warm as we watched the sunset.
The whole gang.
Dang I'm going to miss days like this.


  1. Looks beautiful, so jealous of the gorgeous weather, it's pretty dismal here in the UK!


  2. Oh man I would miss this too! Love all the pics, looks like a fantastic time.

  3. How fun! LOVING all the pics!! That one of Jane in her bib on the chair is sooooooooo cute!!

  4. this looks so lovely. those s'mores are defiantly making me jealous. They look delicious!

  5. What great pictures! The one of your four is perfect!

  6. Academy of LDS Dentists? Sounds so official! Not only are you going to miss these events but I'M going to miss reading about them.

  7. I'm going to miss these days too! That was lots of fun! Would you mind emailing me the group and maybe a couple of the other pics? Thanks so much!

  8. Good times. And our kids are super cute!

  9. wow, such nice photos, that family one of all of you is perfect. Love how Jane is looking at you like your just her everything :)

  10. that looks like so much fun.. and the smores.. and your absolutely adorable children.

  11. How did Jane get sooo big already? Whoa... slow down!
    Looks like a ton of fun!

  12. I miss bonfires in California! Growing up we did these all the time with family and friends :)

  13. Ugh, I'm always so jealous of your beach photos! And that one of your little family shot is precious! Look how happy Fox is! I'm sure with all those airplanes he was just loving life! :)


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