The One with Cracking a Lock

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This email from my dad just made my day. If you know him, or even if you don't, this is SO HIM. 
"A couple of months ago I found a lock on the bike path while riding through Marymoor Park on the way to work. I picked it up and brought it into work. I looked on youtube for instructions on how to crack the lock, but I couldn't crack it. I decided to simply try every combination. Each day at 10am we have a team standup status meeting that lasts about 15 minutes. While standing there, I sequentially go through all the combo possibilities, usually getting through several hundred numbers each meeting. I started at 3000, worked up to 9999, and then back to 0000. This morning in the middle of the meeting the lock opened when I hit 1502. Everyone laughed. It took a month or so to crack the lock."
He's always multi-tasking, can't sit still for a minute, always has to be doing SOMETHING, even if it's trying to crack a lock open by going through every possible combination.
Love you Dald :)


  1. This is so typical of dald. What a funny story.

  2. Oh my...that is so funny! And a month?! He sure was persistent!

  3. haha, i absolutely love this. so hilarious. also... what was his reasoning for starting at 3000? not like he could have known, but he could have cut to the chase a bit faster starting at 0000. i think that added to the story for me. that he exhausted 85% of the possibilities before finding the winner. so many kinds of awesome in this story.

  4. Who won the AC blog hop with you please? Have I missed it? Thanks

  5. The reasons I started cracking the lock at 3000 are:

    1. when I followed the cracking instructions on youtube, 3 in the first digit seemed to loosen the lock a little.
    2. no one would start a combo with zero, since that would be one of the first numbers tested on a sequential brute force attack like mine
    3. any random number is as good as any when starting



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