The One with a Government Shutdown?

Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm really irked by all the facebook status updates I'm getting from our Army base regarding everything that will be closed/unavailable if the government shutdown occurs tomorrow.

Will Chris still have to work? Will we still get paid tomorrow? I budget every penny and if we don't, this girl is gonna go cuh-razy! And what about the mail? Mail is so much different here (I don't feel like getting into it, maybe another time). I have really important work-related things coming soon! If mail shuts down, I'm SOL!

 I know politics is one of those "forbidden" topics, but I'm really disappointed with what's happening with ours currently... there, I said it. I'm officially an Evans now :)


  1. I am such an optimist that I can't bear all the negative talk I'm hearing. I've pretty much burried my head in the sand about this.

  2. It's sucky - can't even send mail to Brad downrang ... uh, what the heck America!!? :(

  3. I think mail service is one of those essentials that will continue. As if getting paychecks aren't essential?! )

  4. There was a bill signed last night by everyone saying military will still be paid regardless. It happened around 10pm or so.

  5. I am so sorry y'all have to go through this with all that you have done. Vent away! You have every right!


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