The One with Lake Plansee & Linderhof Palace

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

After going up to the top of the Zugspitze, Chris was ready to go home. But there was still so much more to see and do! So, after a "heated discussion" we plugged in Plansee Lake into our GPS and off we went! Happy wife is a happy life right? Ha. Turns out I should have listened to Chris and gone home. Read on.

Lake Plansee!
Lake Plansee is an extraordinary body of water. 
It is idyllically located between the ridges of the Zwiesel and Spießberg mountains and at the very end it merges into lake Heiterwanger See.

Lake Plansee is the second largest lake of Tyrol and is 76.5 meters deep at its deepest point.
It ranks among the cleanest lakes of Tyrol (grade A quality).

Lake Plansee is a true paradise for surfers, divers, sailors, snorkelers, swimmers, and people who don't do any of those things, like me!
I can just imagine all the fun we'd have at a family reunion here.

We simply drove right along the edge and that was that. Pretty pretty!

Last stop: Linderhof Palace!

What is it about vines that I love so much? The texture and patterns? I dunno, but I love them so!
Imagine our surprise when we ran into our friends, the Burninghams! We ate lunch together and then did the tour together. It was nice to have friends and others with young kids. We ate currywurst and brats with fries for lunch.
Kinda creepy statue! Out in the middle of nowhere!
Beautiful fall day and lovely Bavarian buildings.

Linderhof Palace is in southwest Bavaria. It is the smallest of the three palaces built by King Ludwig II and the only one which he lived to see completed.
I'm not going to go into details because we have to come back because, see, everything is covered up and closed down for the winter!
Waahhhhh! Should have listened to Chris and gone home.
Even so, we decided to go on the tour so next time we can skip the tour and cover all the grounds.

Can't wait to see this when all the gold statues are uncovered!

Swans! For all the "schwans" we've seen this trip!
 No pictures allowed inside, again, phooey. This ivory chandelier is the most expensive thing in this palace.
I snuck two pictures. His bed is crazy huge and magnificent!
Another bedroom shot.
Bummer it was winterized already, but something to look forward to!
That concludes our trip to southern Bavaria! Wow, it was so much fun!


  1. Well, the grounds of the palace may have been a bummer, but the interior was incredible!

  2. Looks like you still had fun! LOVING the photos!!!

  3. Aw, I really wanted to go to the Linderhof Palace while we were there. Oh well, hopefully sometime soon ;)
    Also, that's so strange how they cover up all the statues. But can't wait to see the pictures of your next adventure there!

  4. Wow! How gorgeous! I love seeing all of these wonderful places through your eyes!

  5. Stop being a rain cloud Chris! You are on vacation dang it!

  6. Stop being a rain cloud Chris! You are on vacation dang it!

  7. You.MUST.go.back to's one of the little palaces that I will remember for life. When I visited the palace back in 1987 (ancient time now), the inside photography was allowed! At least now you know what it's like outside (more time for inside)!


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