The One with Bookbinding at Scrappies Recap!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Yesterday I taught a bookbinding workshop at Scrappies near Munich! There were 13 participants and all 13 ladies made incredibly beautiful books! I'd say it was a success! :)

I left the house around 7:30am to get there by 9:30am. The clouds were beautiful.
First thing we did was paint the covers so they could dry while we folded paper. 
And then we folded the papers into groups, or, signatures. We used the Wanderlust collection by Heidi Swapp paired with printer paper.
Then we pierced holes through the signatures for sewing.

Andrea's already a pro bookbinder!
The hardest part by far is the very first part of sewing: attaching the cover and first signature together. The girls were so patient as I went around the room and helped a few people out at a time getting it just right.

Once you get the hang of the sewing, it's easy breezy! We even added charms, jewels, and pearls like I love to do!
Class is in full swing!

We took a break at 1pm to enjoy lunch at the Scrappies shop (the class was across the street in a hotel conference room). The huge pretzel sandwiches were a hoot! And delicious. Germany does soft pretzels right.
Local scrapbook stores will always have my heart. That's where I got my start in scrapbooking afterall!
I spy a bookbinding class advertisement :)
Cutest displays everywhere!

If you're ever in the Munich area, I HIGHLY recommend a visit to Scrappies! The address is: Heidestraße 1 85386 Eching.

Then it was back to work! I tried to take a photo of everyone individually with her book, but I missed a few! So proud!

Be still my heart. I don't know if I've ever seen anything so lovely!
So fun to line all the different colored books up and see them together!
I love how even though every kit was the same, each book is different and is a reflection of the maker's style with color choices and selection of charms.
The class started at 10am and we were all finished by 4pm, including an hour and a half break for lunch.
Group photo!
Looking forward to going back to Scrappies on October 17th for a second bookbinding class!


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