The One with Bookbinding #2 at Scrappies Recap!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Yesterday I got to teach another bookbinding class at Scrappies near Munich, Germany!
Not gonna lie, I had several nightmares and hardly slept a wink the night before because there were 25 people registered - that's 12 more than I've ever taught at one time and I kept thinking I was going to forget to bring something and we wouldn't be able to complete the workshop and I honestly thought we were going to be there until midnight! A couple days ago I had a thought: I would have everyone gather around me and I'd demonstrate a step, then I'd take apart what I'd done, have everyone sit down, and we'd do that step all together. 
I think it worked because we started at 10am and finished at 4pm with an hour lunch break - that's faster than any other bookbinding class I've taught and there were so many more people! Going forward, I will continue with this technique. Also, everyone helped each other out along the way, which also helped me out tremendously! Danke schön lovely ladies :)
It was so fun to see so many familiar faces from previous workshops and classes! Love all these ladies. Even a few of my local friends tagged along to learn how to make books.
At 1pm we took a break and walked over to the shop to eat lunch.
SCRAPPIES! I love local scrapbook stores.
Wooden stamps - oh my love!
Distressing wall.
Die cutting tools galore.
Rainbows of cardstock.
I was like, "I'm starting back up again at 2pm sharp with or without you! LOL." But really, everyone was in the middle of sewing her book and I couldn't move on to the next step anyway. And everyone was back well before 2pm anyway - I love enthusiastic students! Hopefully that means they were enjoying themselves and were eager to continue making her book.
Pretty pliers?! Yes please.
Sometimes I forgot I had to make my own book to continue to demonstrate on so I had to hurry and catch up!
We added charms and pearls and jewels and other ephemera to the binding - doing this makes the process a little more tedious and complicated, but I think it adds so much more character, I'm glad everyone was willing to give it a go.
They all finished pretty much around the same time so we lined them up and I had a proud moment :) 
This is what I call success! All my worrying was for naught :)
They may all be the same size and have the same papers, but the order of papers and painted color covers, embellished fronts, and chosen charms are all different and make each book unique and individual.
Group photo!
Thank you SO MUCH to all who came! I hope you continue to make books for the rest of your life :)


  1. How fun! And that is a lot of students teacher!!! LOVING all the photos and congrats on rocking a class that big!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It looks like everyone had such fun! Thanks for the share! I dig those wooden stamps at the scrapbooking store!!!

  3. It was so wonderful and your post about the workshop is great. Thanks again....and guess what just ordered some embellies I could bind in my next coptic books....some x-mas presents want to get dobe :-)

    1. Typo...sorry...the last word should be "done"

  4. Stunning class! Loving the wood stamps, pliers and all your eye candy from the class....

  5. Why did I not see this until now? Yay! I loved this class and I love you!


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