The One with Stuttgart, Germany

Friday, October 30, 2015

Since Ludwigsburg was so close to Stuttgart, we decided to make it an overnight trip and check off the last two German car museums and see the amazing library.

In 2011 the city library was relocated to this brand new building. It is constructed out of pale grey fair-faced concrete that visually frames an array of 9 x 9 frosted glass bricks. The shell is designed as a double façade that includes the glass brick level and an inner mullion/transom façade as the thermal building shell. Cool, but wait til you see the inside...
Wow! How awesome is this place?
The gallery hall is a five-story space, square-shaped, and surrounded by a shell of books. The interior circulation is arranged in a spiral among the reading gallery areas, designed to be flowing promenades flooded with light from the glass roof.
After enjoying the library we headed to our hotel (yes, an actual hotel! We've learned our lesson!) for the night. This hotel was outstanding. If you're ever in Stuttgart, we would highly recommend the Parkhotel Stuttgart. They had the kids' beds all made up with little treats and stuffed animals for them on the pillows and even had kids shampoo in the bathroom. 

In the morning we stopped by a local bakery to get some carb-filled treats. Mmmm. Breakfast.
Then we went to the Mercedez Benz Museum (recap post coming soon, along with the Porsche Museum), then it was time to see the city of Stuttgart itself! Rick Steves doesn't included Stuttgart in his Germany guidebook so we were flying blind. We found the TI and they had a map with a recommended walking tour around the city that we loosely followed.

In the heart of the city is Schlossplatz, a popular meeting and gathering point for residents. The Jubilee Column was erected in 1841 to mark the 25th anniversary of the reign of King Wilhelm I and is crowned by the goddess Concordia. Behind the column, the New Palace is visible. It is the former residence of Württemberg kings.
The main train station was built between 1914 and 1927 in what was called the "New Objectivity Style." The tower is topped by a Mercedes-Benz logo. Stuttgart is rightfully proud of their auto companies.
Looking down the pedestrian drag Königstraße | Pretty colors.
The Stuttgart State Theatre is a lovely Neoclassical building built in sandstone between 1909 and 1912. It is the home of Stuttgart Ballet and Stuttgart Opera.
Just across the Oberer Schloß park from the theater is the Kunstgebäude art building. Finished in 1913, it is a gallery and headquarters of the Württemberg Art Association. A gold statue of a stag crowns the distinctive Art Nouveau building.
Art on some barriers walling off a construction site.
Our walk took us behind the New Palace so we got a nice view of it from this side.
Then we made our way to Karlsplatz. The square is named after Duke Karl Eugen and features an equestrian statue of King Wilhelm I. There was a flea market, or flohmarkt, going on.
Just off the square is the Old Palace which is now the home of the Württemberg State Museum.
Marktplatz is a lively square with a fountain dating from 1714.
Awesome street light. | The tower of Collegiate Church which was open for the climbing. Did I do it? Of course I did!
I spy my little family!
Looking towards the Old Palace on the right.
The inside of the church was a cool mix of modern and old. Very clean and bright, yet not plain or boring.
Cool stained glass windows | The pipe organ
After the church we moseyed through the city a little bit more then made our way back to our car to drive back to Grafenwöhr. 

Our family on Saturday October 10th 2015 in Stuttgart, Germany.
The next recap post will be about the Porsche and Mercedes Benz museums!


  1. Wow to that library!! How AWESOME is that?!?!?!? LOVING all the pics!! Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. In case you will go to Stuttgart again, there is a wonderful zoo and botanical garden called Wilhelma with some nice old buildings, art nouveau (?!). In my opinion it's one of the best zoos I've ever seen.

  3. The library alone was worth the trip!


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