Malm's Visit

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My mother dearest (we call her Malm) just visited for 10 not nearly long enough days! We had lots of day trips and even an overnighter planned to the Eagle's Nest, buuuuuut... the weather was a no go down in Berchtesgaden, so we didn't go... We mostly just stayed home! And it was WONDERFUL! Best vacation ever. Here is a short recap of some of the things we did do:

Swipe Jane's face and she will instantly be put into a trance. 
My little brother figured this out at my little sister's wedding reception when Jane was a baby. Works like a charm every time! Tantrum in the middle of the grocery store? Swipe her face. Want her to go to sleep? Swipe her face. It's the answer to everything.

The first morning after Malm arrived we were sitting at the table and I noticed she had a chip in her front tooth. I asked Chris if he could fix it. An hour later we entered the torture chamber and Chris worked his magic! Good as new!

On Saturday we drove an hour south to Regensburg to eat at our favorite German restaurant - Weissbräuhaus. The kesselspitze (deluxe mac'n'cheese) is top notch.
Regensburg details:

Another morning we hiked up to the top of Rauer Kulm. Beautiful views and a beautiful day!
Another day we went to Weiden and window shopped along the pretty town square.

I'm basically a grown up child because I LOVE Legos. Oh so much. I was stoked when we went into Müller and saw a Beauty and the Beast set I hadn't ever seen before - I looked it up as soon as we got home and it's not even due out until August. Score :)
Another morning we were going to walk to the bakery in Eschenbach, but when I google mapped it, it was an hour away. Soo... we drove and were there and back again within 15 minutes.
Joey and Rachel liked having a new human around to love. 

The real reason my mom came all the way to Germany:
But for reals, I think she bought 30 pounds of gummy bears! I can't blame her. They're good. So good.
While I was scrapping throughout the week, Malm was working on her tasseling business! She brought all the supplies to create a new item for her shop - a cute cake topper!
I talked my mom into getting us some more flowers, my fave :) Thanks Malm!

Other things we did that I didn't get pictures of: we went to the food court and ate a lot of Taco Bell, got Thai food twice, ate at the soldier's cafeteria per Malm's request, had popcorn every single night, shopped at the PX and commissary, printed photos at Rossman, made delicious sugar cookies (we STILL have some Malm!), watched The Mentalist every evening after the kids went to bed, Malm watched the kids while we went and saw the movie Me Before You (soooo good! I cried like a baby!), relaxed outside in the sun (the weather was for the most part glorious - we even had a few thunderstorms which Malm loves), and basically just chilled. I know some people would think Malm is crazy for coming all the way to Germany to not really go anywhere, but, it was just so nice to spend some good quality time together and for the kids to see their Grandma! They've lived in Germany most of their lives so any time family comes it's a special treat!

Miss you Malm!


  1. AUGH! I miss you! I miss the kids! Thanks for putting up with me. I had a blast!

  2. Thanks for coming out, Grandma!

  3. What a wonderful visit! Seeing Weiden and all the small German towns, i can see where you draw your color inspiration.

  4. Its not crazy to go all that way and just hang out. When my sister's husband was stationed in Bamberg, I came to visit and that's what we did too. It was just so much fun to take day trips into towns and just look at all the cool buildings and such. Got to hang out with her and the kiddos, that was the most fun part. Seeing bits of Germany was just the bonus.

  5. It's not crazy to have Grandma come and visit and just stay and play. I think that's what all grandma's are supposed to do. ;)


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