Genoa, Italy

Saturday, April 22, 2017

To help break up the drive from the Cinque Terre to Monaco we stopped in Genoa, Italy (or Genova in Italian, why do we drop the "v"?) to explore a little bit.
Italy's largest sea port acts a gateway to the Riviera for tourists today, but in the past it was a major Mediterranean power. During the 12th and 13th centuries the Most Serene Republic of Genoa ruled the region and contended with other major powers such as Florence and Pisa.
Today, vestiges of its past are evident in the grand architecture and fabulous palaces throughout the city.

The city's Cathedral of San Lorenzo is a Gothic and Romanesque mix dating from the 12th century. It narrowly escaped being destroyed during WWII when a British bomb fell through the roof but failed to explode.
I love the stripes on the Romanesque columns.
Checking out a side chapel.
Back out on the street, we soaked in the sunshine and amazing architecture.
Classic Italian paint colors and alleys.
The ancient city gate of Porta Soprana marks the boundary of the old medieval city.
Cloister ruins.
Christopher Columbus' house! He was originally from Genoa but sailed for Spain and is buried in Seville.
Then we hopped on the metro and rode a couple stops down to the Porto Antico. This port once controlled a small empire. Now it is simply a wonderful place to stroll.
A prop pirate ship that was constructed for the 1985 film Pirates is permanently parked in the harbor.
The ship is a replica of a 17th century Spanish galleon and for only your right arm and leg, you can pay to tour it.
The kids thought it was cool which is all that really matters.
Meanderings through Genoa:
Our family in Genoa, Italy on Monday April 3rd 2017.
Next up to bat - the micro country of Monaco!


  1. What a gorgeous city! Crazy they way they charge for 'tours'!!

  2. Love following the Evans family travels! I don't think I've ever seen "real" people in Monaco before - it's always TV news kind of stuff. Can't wait! :)

  3. Our cruise next year will stop here, and I was thinking I'd rather stay close to the ship and explore on our own(Genoa) vs head in to Milan or on a tour along the coast... it looks lovely!!


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