Innsbruck, Austria

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Over the four years we've lived in Europe we've driven through, by, and past Innsbruck, Austria a dozen times and never stopped! One time we even stayed at an Airbnb just outside the town with plans to visit it in the morning, but when we woke up it was pouring rain so we packed it in and came home, saying to ourselves "Next time!". A couple more "next times" came and went... The original itinerary for our Spring Break Mega Road Trip™didn't even include a stop in Innsbruck, but we realized as we were passing by this city once again that it was our very last opportunity and we just HAD to see it!
We plugged in the address to a parking garage right downtown and made our way to it. With no guide and no real plan, we actually got lost a bit in the beginning, but eventually made our way into the heart of the beautiful city.
The capitol of the region of Tyrol, Innsbruck is a sight to behold. The mountains are so close that within 25 minutes it's possible to travel from the very center of the old town to over 6500 ft above sea level.
The area is filled with activities for both summer and winter, so much so that many visitors barely glimpse the medieval heart of the city before rushing off into the hills. Can you spot Janey girl in both pics below?
But the atmospheric Altstadt is not to be missed and is perfect for a lazy stroll.
Over 130,000 call Innsbruck home and the city has a pleasant, lively feel. 
The city has twice hosted the Winter Olympics: in 1964 and 1976.
The pink Church of the Holy Spirit is fab.
 The Evans kiddos along the pedestrianized Maria Theresienstraße.

Charming architectural details on the left. And do you see those blue "people" on the balcony on the right? What the?

I mean, look at that backdrop!
Snippets of our wanderings around Innsbruck:
Our family in Innsbruck, Austria on Saturday April 1st 2017:
Next - a biiiiiiiig post about the Cinque Terre!

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  1. How beautiful! I loveeeeeeee the photos!! And if they hosted the '76 Olympics .. that means, that the amazing Dorothy Hammil won her Gold there! How awesome!


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