Folded Square Mini Album Cut File

Friday, December 8, 2017

My first mini album cut file is available at Silhouette!
It's a square with slits and folds that you adhere together to make a mini album! I asked designer Lorilei Murphy to create an example and I LOVE what she created!
Here's what Lorilei has to say about her project, "What a fun mini album cut file! I decided to use double-sided paper from Turn the Page for the base of the album. It gave me the choice to mix and match the pages because you can have the folds flip either way before adhering them. The score lines make for easy assembly! I printed out a photo for each side of the pages and then fiddled around with the fold up triangle for a bit - the options seemed endless! I decide to go with a configuration of embellishing the pop up to be viewed straight on with the photos. You could also decorate the pop up under each photo at an angle! I used ALL the bits and pieces from Turn the PageEphemera Die CutsStickersJournaling SpotsThickers, and Chipboard Stickers, to bring the mini to life! One tip I have is that if you want to have the mini sitting out in a carousel look, use odd number of pages for the album!
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Here is a step-by-step photo tutorial so you can see how to assemble the mini album base:
1) Size the cut file to as large as you want to fit within your mat. Here I made each square a little less than 6" and I cut five squares total, each from a different double-sided patterned paper. 
 2) Fold the paper on the scored lines.
3) On the diagonal scored line, fold it back.
 4) Here's what your square should look like at this point:
 5) On the square opposite the diagonal fold, add adhesive.
 6) Attach the adhesive-side square to the back of the next square over to complete one section of the mini album.
 7) Repeat the folding and adhering process for as many pages as you want - I made five.
 8) Adhere all the blocks end-to-end except the last two sides so your album can fold up.
If pictures didn't quite make perfect sense, here is a video tutorial:
I hope you check out this mini album cut file and I can't wait to see how you use it to make a fun and unique mini album for documenting precious memories!

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  1. This is soooooooooooo awesome!!!! LOVING what she created with that file!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!


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