Evans Family Reunion 2019

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

In July we took a week off to be with family in Idaho for the annual Evans Family Reunion!
We flew into Spokane on a Monday morning and then met up with Nick and half of the family at a hotel near the airport. This was Nick's view of downtown out his window.
For lunch we went to Frank's Diner which has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. It's a presidential train car-turned diner. Too cute. I got a French Dip which was yummy.

Then we meandered to the riverfront.
We let the kids ride this indoor carousel which they thought was epic.
Then we rode the gondola.
It glides over the river and back.
Then we drove an hour to our final destination in Morley, Idaho. Love this farm life view.
Could the grass be any greener!?
The view from the home we stayed at. So pretty.
The more Evanses the merrier!
Andy brought a hammock which Jane liked to "sleep" in.
The next morning we walked down to the lake front. A few souls were brave enough to jump in. Jane included.
In the afternoon we drove to a lake with kayaks and paddle boards in tow. Loved the blooming lilypads.
On the dock.
There was only one other family at this beach. It was so intimate and amazing. Could spend all day every day here!
Me and my love.
Everyone had tons of fun.
Chris took Fox kayaking.
Evelynd took Jane paddle boarding. Jane turned herself into a mermaid.
Hi fam!
We ate Bethany's Delicious with a capital D chicken tacos for dinner.
Talent show a-la Dan in Real Life.
The next day everyone went on a long bike ride, but we skipped out and went to Wallace to see my parents. They were right there! How could we not?! :)
We spur-of-the-moment chose to go on the Silver Mine Tour and bought tickets.
While waiting for our allotted time we walked around the cute town and I snapped photos galore.
Be still my soul, these hanging flower baskets are ginormous!!
We took a tour around town then headed up to the mine.
The kids were fascinated by these chipmunks. As was I, let's be honest. There were about 12 of them running around, so cute.
Our guide was a retired miner with fascinating stories and hard of hearing from years working with all the power tools used in mines.
He demoed actual tools and told us all kinds of interesting facts. If you're ever in Wallace, Idaho I highly recommend going on this tour!
We got to handle some of the precious metals pre-refined.
How Stranger Things and Sandlot is this retro pool? Sadly it's closed for the foreseeable future until the town can raise enough funds to fix it.
Dream house. Let me know if it ever goes on sale m'kay Mom and Dad? :)
Every time we walk in the door of my parent's house the first thing the kids ask for is the Lego box. How do they remember?
We headed back to Morley for the night. The next day we decided to walk across a long bridge. But first, playground.
Walking to the bridge.
How rad would it be to live in this seemingly only house on the lake?!
Walking across the bridge.
It was crazy super windy, we even spotted people's docks jutting up against the bridge. Imagine waking up one morning to your boat dock missing! It just floated away!
Once we reached the end we turned around and walked back.
The next morning we drove into Coeur d'Alene to do a city scavenger hunt.
There is a photo of my Grandpa "licking" a big ice cream cone like this that we always have to replicate.
Lots of cousins!
Cute downtown.
Janey wanted a photo in front of this big flower sculpture so of course I obliged!
Then we rented a boat.
Uncle Nick crushing it and Jane happy with her lollipop.
Cutie patootie.
Chris took Jane out on the tube first then he took Fox.
Then we convinced Fox & Jane to go solo. This was .02 seconds before disaster struck. We didn't tell the kids what to do if they fell off and what to expect so when they dove head first into the water because it was so front heavy they felt abandoned and so scared when the boat was driving away from them trying to turn around. It was really sad how scared they were. BUT, after playing on the playground for an hour they got back on the boat so there's hope!
We ate dinner at a local place which was yummy and then we parted ways.
Our flight was super early in the morning so we stayed at a hotel by the airport. A short flight later and we were home!
We had an awesome week with the Evans family! It's our turn to plan next year - thinking we'll stay local in Colorado because there is so much to do here!


  1. How FUN!!! LOVING all the photos!!! What a great trip that must have been!! Sorry to hear the kids were scared on the boat ride, but glad they are ok! :)

  2. Good gosh you really pack a lot in !! I might need a holiday after your holiday, ha! That sure is a cute little town, nestled in the forest. Poor kiddo's to be so scared after their spill. Glad to hear they weren't hurt. I had the very same experience with young kids in a tube. We used to live at a lake but our guests were city folk. The kids begged for a tube ride and when it tipped, the gal really cried. Their mom leaped out of the boat into the lake to comfort her. I felt horrible, but later we all giggled about it. It's so fun that you have a talent night with a family banner! Awesome Sauce :D xK


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