July 2019 Highlights

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Here's what we were up to in July!
Bit by bit I got my new Truly Grateful collection in the mail and the first thing on my list to create with it was my class layouts for an upcoming event with Stamp & Scrapbook Expo here in Denver on September 28th! I love that while I was scrapping Fox was in my room with me coding.
Here is a peek at the layouts we'll be making - we'll create 2 in class and you'll have the supplies to create the other 2:
So proud of this guy right here! He's on the Old Town Dental website. No turning back now lol! Too legit to quit! :)
 My Happy Scrappy Place Facebook Group reached over 10,000 members! To celebrate, I gave away these 9 cut files.
 One night Jane came into our room and said, "I'm tired, I'm going to sleep right here". And she did. She literally fell asleep in one minute. I've never seen that happen before!
 Mrs. Fields cookies at the mall. Mmmmm.
 A big project I finally finished up: wrapping threads around cards. I started this project a year ago and then put it on the back burner. So glad to have all these threads organized by color - I can grab and go stitch super easily now. This is box 1 of 4.
 This is the view a block away. Such a pretty night.
On the 4th of July we had family over for ribs and fireworks and after we got poured on a rainbow graced us with its presence. 
 Wingardium leviosa.
 We moved their toys upstairs because they're scared of the basement. I dunno why, it's a nice basement!
 I spy a baby bun inside Home Depot.
View from a morning walk.
 I needed to find a pet sitter while we'd be gone so I tried to entice people with a photo of all our furries. It worked, we found a great gal to watch them and my flowers! Two beta fish are missing from the pic.
 We've been having tons of fun checking out the local rec centers.
 I taught the Activity Days girls how to create little yarn tassel garlands.
 This was such a fun surprise! We went to Target to get cookie mix and popped over to the stationery section to try and find a planner, and what do I find?!?!? Some of my Pink Paislee stuff!
 I literally had no idea that I had stuff in Target. It was and still is surreal. Target is my favorite store in the whole wide world!
 Cat in the sun.
 Little devils at Torchy's Tacos.
 I drove up north to teach a class near Ft. Collins and did a blog post recap all about it.
 We spent a week with the entire Evans family in Idaho. A big recap coming on the 7th!
 Sunday selfie.
 Amy Tangerine interviewed me on her Craft a Life You Love podcast!
Jane got to use my Wooden Buttons and Puffy Stickers even before me haha!
 On Jane's birthday I went live on instagram to flip through three of her scrapbooks. Made me so nostalgic looking back at all her baby photos!
 Jane turned 7!
  Instead of cake or cupcakes she wanted macarons.
 We took her to Build-A-Bear to get her $7 bear for turning 7.
 Putting class kits together, assembly line style.
 Halloween already?! I love Halloween as much as the next gal, probably much much more, but three months early!
 The last day in July we had another horseback riding lesson with Nana.
 Go Jane go!
It's been a crazy busy fun and memorable summer! The kids go back to school next week which is bittersweet. I will miss having them around and being my constant buddies, but it will be nice to be able to crank out more projects! Here's to another awesome month!


  1. What a FUN Month!!! How AWESOME to see your products at Target!!!! LOVE that!!! And YAY for Jane turning 7!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sounds like a fun, busy, happy summer! Time flies!

  3. Hi Paige, thanks for sharing all your fun :D Your little sidekicks are so dang cute, what a summer !! I laughed at the fur-family picture, they all look like, "why are we here?", LOL! To be able to walk into rolling country hills a block from home is wonderful too. It's no wonder you're so fit :D Have a fabulous long weekend! <3 K


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