Stanley Hotel & Estes Park

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Last weekend we took a day trip up to the mountains to visit the Stanley Hotel and walk around Estes Park.
It was a beautiful day in the Rockies.
 As we entered the city we looked out the window and lo and behold we saw a ginormous elk just chilling in the park!
We are big fans of all things spooky so we love how the Stanley Hotel has ties to the classic book-turned-movie, The Shining by Stephen King. Legend has it King stayed at this hotel in room 217 and the idea for The Shining was born.
 Not so spooky from the outside. It's actually a really classy hotel.
 Our family outside the Stanley Hotel in September 2019.
 Fall decorations starting to pop up.
 Inside you can just imagine Jack roaming the halls...
...and talking to the bartender. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."
The views out the windows are immaculate.
 Interior details.
 Grand staircase.
 In the basement is a little cafe and we got some treats. Jane discovered she loves pumpkin bread and ate almost my entire slice.
Resident Pyschic because why not. 
 We walked around outside and soaked up the sunshine and views.
 Chris spied an open door to one of the upper levels so I took a quick peek inside.
 "Come play with us Danny!"
 Rose garden.
Even though we visited in September, I am absolutely going to include these pictures in my October mini album because it's close enough :)
 Jane and her hot chocolate.
Then we decided to walk down the main street in Estes Park. There was a big festival going on so after trying and failing to find parking close by we drove to the visitor's center parking and found spots galore. With flowers and mountainous views!
  The creekside walk was so beautiful and quaint. We moseyed in and out of shops that caught our eye.
 No shortage of candy, taffy, and ice cream shops! We found some sweets.
 We walked down to the end of the main street and back and called it good! It was such a fun and memorable day!
We picked up a magazine and found lots more things to see and do next time. Can't wait to come back to this gem.


  1. Omgosh! How fun, thanks for sharing your day Paige. I saw this movie at a cinema with a girlfriend when we were maybe 18 I think. She got so scared she left to sit in the lobby. That hallway is totally creepville. LOL. Another cute little town and spectacular vista's. So many gems in CO !

  2. What a GORGEOUS town!!! LOVING all the photos!!! From the outside it also reminds me of the Dirty Dancing hotel, not the colors, but the style of it!! Looks like you all had an amazing weekend!


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