August 2019 Highlights

Sunday, September 1, 2019

August is over, here's what we did!

Sometimes we bake cupcakes just for fun and Janey girl likes to help out.
 I designed a new Unicorn cut file and wanted to scrap it but didn't have the right photo, so I made a photo :) I asked Jane to get into some unicorn stuff and snapped a few pics. I shared the layout a few days ago here. // This flower pot outside King Soopers is ginormous!! Can't wait to scrap this photo with lots and lots and lots of flowers.

Our poor pets have had a rough past couple months. First I took Joey in to get his massive cyst removed. He's on the mend and his fur has almost grown back in. Then Phoebe the bunny had diarrhea so I took her in and we switched up her diet and she's doing better. Then Monica the guinea pig developed a big mass on her side so I took her in and they tested it and it's just a fatty tumor so she's okay. Then Rachel got diarrhea and there was blood so I was freaking out because she is my constant companion and I need her to live forever. They didn't find anything wrong with her after lots of tests, thank goodness, and gave me some medicine and new food to give her. When it rains it pours though, holy cow! All four furbabies to the vet within a month! That's never happened to us before. But I love my pets and will do anything for them and am so glad they're all okay.

Wherever I go, Rachel follows. She is literally asleep at my feet as I'm typing this.

Fox loving up on Rachel. She looks thrilled ;)
A few days before school started we met Fox and Jane's teachers. The view out Fox's classroom is immaculate. From the Rocky Mountains to downtown Denver, you can see it all!
 This was a cool thing, I was scrolling through instagram and came across a house that I instantly recognized as my favorite house in all of South Pasadena. I messaged her and told her I love her house and even blogged about it being my favorite house and she re-shared my stories in her stories. Such a small world sometimes!

We ate at Crave at least three times in August.
 The kids get school t-shirts to wear the first day and occasionally throughout the year and last year I remember one of the girls' shirts was DIYed all cute so Jane helped me turn her shirt into something from the 80s.
She loves it.

First day of school 2019! Jane is a cute 2nd grader and Fox a handsome 3rd grader.
Have a good year guys!
 We have a new niece! Jay and Haylie welcomed a little girl in August. She's so freaking cute.
 Cool clouds formations one evening.
 Busted out all of my Halloweeny things to get started on my October 2018 album but then I hit a wall and put it all away. I'll work on it in October so I can watch scary movies simultaneously. I have a self imposed rule that I don't watch scary movies until October 1st. Then bring it on!
 I am running out of storage for my mini albums and purchased this 4 tiered basket at Costco last summer to eventually paint. I decided there's no time like the present so I found our paint sprayer and sprayed it light pink! Can't wait to fill it up.

Jane fell asleep on my lap while we were out to dinner. She's going through a phase right now where she needs to know exactly where we are at all moments of every hour, every day, even at the crack of dawn so she's missing out on some precious beauty sleep. Tender moment.
 I went to my first Pinewood Derby as an Activity Days Leader at church. 'Twas fun!
 They're predicting snow in September (don't even get me started!) so I am spending as much time outside in the backyard soaking up the warmth and sunshine and especially color from the flowers as often as I can. I don't want to just throw away all the flowers that miraculously I've kept alive throughout the spring and summer so we bought a greenhouse from Costco that I hope to keep them in through the winter. We shall see how that goes!
 I clean up after every project and start new and fresh. How 'bout you? During a project it gets pretty crazy!
 Jane went to a birthday party where they painted canvases. I would have loved that as a little girl!
 We tried out Hello Fresh, I'm a fan!

Late afternoon walk. I'll never tire of this view.
 We are huge LEGO fans. We installed some shelves from IKEA in the guest room in the basement to display them. And these minifigure shelves that my dad helped me build are almost full!

They re-paved our neighborhood streets. The process started in early July when we were at our Family Reunion and only finished yesterday. Contractors were fired, they decided to change how they were scraping the roads, they ran out of asphalt, machines broke, etc. etc. The neighbors shared some funny conversations via chats about it all, especially after so many got flat tires from the state of the road. I'm glad it's finally finished!
My brother got a new job with Minecraft and Fox is super stoked.

Onto some scrappy news: you can grab a free cut file once a week in my Happy Scrappy Place Facebook Group!

Jane saw my sample and wanted to make a Halloween one. She did this all by herself!
I've got a challenge up also in my Happy Scrappy Place Facebook Group.

My stencils are 25% off now through September 20th in my Etsy shop.

This is the cut file that was included in my 5th Newsletter. Sign up for my newsletters here so you don't miss out!
I updated my Upcoming Workshops page because I am adding new classes often! Hope to see you in real life and scrap together soon!
Another fun and busy month! Onto September - can't believe the year is almost over! Can't wait for Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas!


  1. So sorry to hear about all the issues with your fur babies!! I hope they are all better now! Our old man is 19 (!!!!)-- unheard of for his breed (usually they only live 15-17 years), and our vet has pre-warned us that he might not make till the end of summer (but of course, here in Phoenix, end of summer isn't until October - so we are hoping for more time!). The shirt you made for her is SO CUTE!! I remember wearing something similar when I was little!! And Brookie did a paint class birthday party last year at Our Creative Escape, and all the girls had so much fun!! And congrats on the new niece!! She is beautiful!!!

  2. Hi Paige! Happy September :) What a month you had with your fur-family, I'm really glad they're all back home and healthy. I completely understand your love for them all and I wish ours to live forever too. You probably hear this a lot, but your kids are so sweet and full of joy. It shines through on every photo. Your niece looks like a little angel tucked in there, congratulations to all. I'm in awe of all the wide open spaces your neighbourhood backs to! It's the best of both worlds. Convenance of city life but the beauty of rolling hills and natural spaces to stroll by. Just beautiful. All your classes look wonderful, I'm really envious of those living close enough to join you. My friends (and owners) of Treasured Memories here in Edmonton have invited me to the next Creativation! How awesome are they!? The hi-light for me will be visiting your booth with a big hello !! FYI, I'm also a hugger, LOL. Fall has arrived here and the weather is crisp but sunny. It's my favourite time of year :) xK


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