October 2020 Highlights

Sunday, November 1, 2020

  Here's what we were up to in October 2020! Lots and lots and lots of Halloween related events. It's the best holiday of the year! Chris would not agree, but the kids do, sooooo, we win :)

We look forward to the cookies Crumbl releases every week - I'm quite partial to anything pumpkin flavored.
The two biggest fires Colorado has ever had raged through the mountains all month long and are still burning - 2020 lives on in full force.
My kitty cat appendage.
Joey's face haha. He's so cute.
We visited Spirit Halloween!
Fun masks.
Jane picked out her costume - she claims it's the devil's daughter.
Baking cupcakes together. Which she didn't even eat afterwards lol.
I actually put up the Halloween decorations in September - Halloween couldn't come soon enough!
Every year I bring out the invitation we created for Fox's first birthday party. A fun little memento of the good ol' days.
We got a few dangly things from Amazon to spruce up the entryway.
Decking the fireplace.
I grabbed this black tree from Michaels and ornaments from Amazon with a few handmade perler bead ornaments made by Fox in the mix.
Every October we bust out the Halloween-themed Lego creations.
We put everything up early because we knew we'd have to take it all down early in preparation for the construction.
New inflatables! Sooooo fun!
And new neon signs complete our bootiful decorations.
We watched Halloween Baking Championship together.
Chris and I finished watching Downton Abbey. LOVE this show. Can't wait for the second movie!
Then we watched Cobra Kai. I dunno why but it's just so good, I can't explain!
Now we're watching Poldark and I'm Obsessed with a capital O.
We saw that AMC was playing Hocus Pocus and had alarms set for when tickets went on sale!
This was me the whole day before the movie, I was so stoked.
At our happy place.
I literally smiled the entire movie. So fun to see it on the big screen!
Our family after watching Hocus Pocus.
Chris' name got added to the Old Town Dental signage - now he's legit! :)
We went to Disney World!
Cuties relaxing on the deck of our hotel room.
Bewitchingly cute treats!
There wasn't much Halloween decor gracing the park's presence, I don't know if that's normal or if Covid had something to do with the lack of decorations, so when we found some we would always take pictures!

You can read all about our visit to the Magic Kingdom here.
A pumpkin Mickey is a happy Mickey!
Collage of our Magic Kingdom shenanigans.
In October, we ride the Haunted Mansion as frequently as we can!
FOX TURNED 10! Oh my goodness he was such a cute baby. I've been blogging since even before he was born so you can read his birth story here.
We visited the Animal Kingdom.
Collage of Animal Kingdom shenanigans.
And we visited EPCOT.
Perfect for Halloween!
I spy a Mickey pumpkin. Also, how fun to grow pumpkins dangling from the ceiling instead of on the ground!
Collage of our EPCOT shenanigans.
The day after we got back from Disney World we went and saw The Nightmare Before Christmas in theaters. Again, SO FUN to see it on the big screen as a family!
And then we spent the rest of the weekend moving everything from my office, Chris' office, and other rooms to various places we could fit it all. I can't believe how much scrappy stuff I've accumulated and how much space it takes up when it's not stored in boxes on shelves.
Found this as the floors were being torn up. The OG floorers.
Progress shots.
Rachel approves! This is the only flooring that she sat on, all the others she ignored, so we knew it was a good choice :)
The week of Halloween the high school did a modified Trunk-or-Treat.
We stayed in the car the whole time and stopped at every trunk along the way while the high schoolers handed candy to the kiddos through the open windows.
I thought it was super efficient and super fun! Loved all the kids' enthusiasm and creativity for costumes.
Denver is pretty.
Pumpkin-shaped Papa John's pizza.
At the last minute our ward put together a Trunk-or-Treat.
So spooky!
The kids hauled it in with the candy.
Manning our undecorated trunk, we failed lol. But at least we sort of dressed up for the occasion!
At last the big day arrived! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
I can't even :)
Saw this floating around the internet and it just has to be shared. This kid wins the best costume of 2020.
We waited until we got our first trick-or-treater then we headed out because on Halloween, time = candy!
Jane wanted to give up after only 3 houses. She said her feet hurt but she walked around Disney World for 4 whole days in the same shoes so I'm not sure if that was a legitimate excuse. I made her stay with me and Fox until we at least went around the block. Fox's candy of choice: Kit Kats. Jane's: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I think they have enough candy to last them a lifetime!
This house wins for best candy! However, we saw them cleaning up at the end of the night and the owner said to us, "Don't own movie theaters during a pandemic." :( That makes me really sad.
Nightmare Freddy and the Devil's Daughter.
Full moon!
We dropped Jane off at home, Fox emptied his candy bag, then we went back out for another hour of trick-or-treating. We had a tender moment together when we walked up to a house with a candy bowl on the porch and we both yelled "YORK!" when we saw a single York peppermint patty in the mix. We both love those :) And then he gave it to me!! Fox is such a sweet boy!!!!!
These pumpkins win! Love that pineapple one.
The loot.

How was Halloween 2020? Many houses had bowls in the front with a pick your own piece option which I think is actually better because then you get to choose what you want :) Some did the candy chutes. I'd say about half the houses didn't have their lights on, which is about the same as other years. Even Covid style, Halloween 2020 was a success!

On the scrappy front:

I spent most of October working on my October 2020 Mini Album which I will eventually share in October 2021, so stay tuned 'til next year!

It features my 13 Halloween cut files which you can find HERE and I also have the option for the 13 Halloween cut files with Backing Pieces HERE.

I only shared 6 scrappy things of my own this month, it's been cray cray around here. I didn't get into the groove of working in a new space until the end of October. Anyway, here are links to all my projects shared last month:

Cards for World Card Making Day 2020 // October 2019 Mini Album // Rainbow Leaf Layout // Go the Scenic Route MemoryDex Cards // Happy Fall Ya'll Layout // Leaf Background Layout

One of the last views of my old scrap room. Since we've lived here (we moved in August 2018), Rachel and Joey have used my carpet as their potty frequently and it just got so gross. It was time to replace it with something pet-friendly.

My temporary scrap space in a nook of our bedroom.

I gave these three cut files away for free in my Happy Scrappy Place Facebook Group:

Amber Mitchell has been making coptic books galore following my online class tutorial! Isn't this adorable?! I love it.

When in doubt, stitch something!

I love picking threads to match patterned paper colors.
Have you downloaded the Fall 2020 issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine? It's always such a treat to flip through the pages of the printed version!

The uber talented Shara Crane made me a Halloween advent!

Look at all these cute things she made!!!

My happy scrappy place is almost put back together. I'm actually going to stay in our bedroom until the floors in the rest of the house are complete so I can be near Rachel who hides in our closet all day and to escape the noise and dust. I ordered a rug from Rifle Paper Co. to go in the middle which hopefully will complete the room. Can't wait to be back!

Hope you had a great October and happy November!


  1. Woah, You live a big, super packed life AND make time for all of us out here too! I feel like a bit of a slouch. Your craft room is looking so gorgeous! Those floors are WOW! I love the photo of you and Rachel, two sweet faces. Looked like a fantastic month in the Evans household, thanks for sharing all the fun dear.

  2. Wow!!! You had a BUSY October!!!! Loving all the photos!!! I haven't been to DW since 2001!! Looks like you had a BLAST!!!!! And it MUST be an October birthday trait, as Brookie's is also in October and her fave candy is Kit Kat's too!! Your floors LOOK AMAZING!!!!!!


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