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Sunday, June 19, 2022

 Continuing with this ongoing project, I present my 3 MemoryDex cards using Splendid!

I purchased this mint wooden tray on Etsy two years ago and am filling it with cards made with all of my American Crafts scrapbook collections. So far this tray is filled with cards from Go the Scenic RouteWonders, Bungalow Lane, and now Splendid! I create 3 cards with each collection.
This is a continuation of my Pink Paislee MemoryDex (click on that link to see them ALL!) which coincidentally filled up completely with my last collection under the Pink Paislee brand, Bloom Street.
For the first Splendid MemoryDex card, I created a Lemonade Stand and Slice Cut File.
I made an orange, lemon, and lime slice using orange, yellow, and green patterned papers, all from Splendid. To embellish I added Chipboard StickersCardstock Stickers, and transparency stickers from the 8-Page Sticker Book.
I backed the Lemonade Stand with more patterned papers and then made it more realistic with a banner ("SMILE" from the Epoxy Stickers), teacups and a pitcher from the Cardstock Stickers, and a title made with mini foam Thickers. Plus a few more stickers here and there for added cuteness.
I set an eyelet through the corner of each piece and attached them all together with a mini loose-leaf binder ring. Don't forget the notches in the lemonade stand to add it into the tray!
For the second card I trimmed a piece of the Floral Transparency and a piece of white cardstock to 4.25x6.25". I lightly adhered the transparency on top and then used a 1.5" circle punch through both layers to make 6 circles. I tied a Flower Charm through each circle and then made the MemoryDex holes a the bottom. I machine stitched around the edges and across the threads holding the charms in place. To embellish I added a Heart Paper Clip, gold heart Epoxy Sticker, and a pink "create" word from the 8-Page Sticker Book. I also printed the Splendid logo to add to the card.
I love how the Flower Charms dangle and are free to move around in their round frames!
For the third card I cut an envelope and liner piece from patterned papers then machine stitched around the edges.
I filled the enveloped with Ephemera Die Cuts and bits from the Cross Stitch Kit then embellished the front with a "Create" Ephemera Die Cut, a floral Chipboard Sticker, and a Layered Bouquet Sticker. I added mini photos telling the story of Splendid then tucked everything into the envelope.
Here is a closer look at the pieces I stitched from the Cross Stitch Kit. There is no right or wrong way to stitch through the holes - just have fun!
I've added these 3 cards into my MemoryDex tray and it sits on top of a cabinet in my happy scrappy place!
These are the 9 previous cards in the tray made with Go the Scenic RouteWonders, and Bungalow Lane.
Let me know if you have any questions about any of these cards or MemoryDex in general.
I also have a MemoryDex class available here: https://bit.ly/februarymemorydex
I absolutely love seeing this tray get more full every 6 months with a new set of cards.
3 Garden Shoppe cards are coming up sooner than later since I just received my first box of supplies last Friday!
SUPPLIES: Patterned papers, stickers, Thickers, die cuts, charms, paper clip, cross stitch kit, embellishments: SPLENDIDMemoryDex

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