September 2023 Highlights

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Here's a recap of our September 2023!
Bethany, Evelyn and Ethan flew in from Oregon for a few days and Bethany treated us to a harp concert. She's so talented.
A Johnny Was opened at our mall! I'm so stoked.
All the flower murals on the outside of the store are the perfect photo op.
Can't wait to scrap these :)
Speaking of flowers, the hibiscus that my sister-in-law got me for my birthday in 2022 bloomed again. The blooms only last about 24-48 hours, isn't that interesting?
Just the girls!
Happy fall ya'll! In honor of the season I'm trying all the pumpkin flavored things. I got a pumpkin smoothie from Jamba Juice, pumpkin frosty from Wendy's, a pumpkin spice frap from Starbucks, etc.
So far, the pumpkin cookie from Crumbl wins :)
Jane went to Outdoor Ed! She had a much better time than Fox did last year because the weather was actually nice this year.
I picked her up from school when they got back at lunch time and took her to Mod Pizza. It was fun one-on-one time.
YAS!!! Spooky season is almost here! The decorations are already for sale everywhere! We picked up a new light up tree thing at Home Depot and can't wait to set it up on October 1st!
Jane's natural highlights and curly hair slay me!
Fox had a sleepover at Nana & Papa's and the next day he fell asleep in church.
I went a little fall flower crazy at Home Depot and spruced up the front porch.
A week or two later I added light up pumpkins and put the flowers in pots.
My mom flew in on September 29th!!
We kicked off the night before October with a scary movie to "ring" in the spooktacular season: The Ring.
Fox & Jane weren't even phased. What's with kids these days?! I thought it was soooo scary when I first saw it and I was 17!
Well obviously this all jumped into my cart.
We saw 3 movies in September: Gran Turismo for the second time because it's just that good and then I bought it when it came out on the 26th and have watched it 4 more times since! Haunting of Venice was entertaining and Dumb Money was pretty dumb..
The kitties are still my furry sidekicks!
This might be my favorite picture of all time.
Long neck Amy lol.
Onto the scrappy recap!
I spent a good chunk of September on Halloween things and got dressed up to fit the occasion and make intro videos and to go live on my Instagram!
I shared 6 projects in September - click the links to see them in-depth:
I designed 5 free cut files in September! 4 for my Newsletters and 1 for Scrapbook & Cards Today!
I taught my last two PaigePals5 virtual classes in September! First, a Wooden House Mini Album Class.
I hope to have PaigePals6 kits & classes in the early part of 2024!
I released my Halloween kit & class and the kits sold out in 57 minutes - I am forever grateful!!!
The Halloween 4x4 Mini Album Class will always be available and I still have some of the individual products available in MY SHOP.
My first re-order of the Halloween sequin albums custom made by Gi DeMello in Brazil arrived! You can pre-order them again HERE
I got all those orders packed up and shipped out!
Jane took a pic of me and my supervisor cutting out Halloween cut files.
I've also got a Blooming Wild 4x4 Sequin Album up for pre-order HERE.
I joined Andrea & Danielle for their September Scrap & Sip live!
The third weekend in September I flew to Ontario, California to teach 3 classes at Frank Garcia Studio in Upland!
If you haven't been to the Frank Garcia Studio store before, it alone is worth a whole trip to SoCal!
I taught a layouts class, coptic bookbinding class, and 6x8 Christmas album class!
After I wrapped up Halloween projects I dove right into Christmas! Boxes of all things Sugarplum Wishes have been taking over our dining room for months so I finally got it all organized and moved into my scrappy storage room in the basement.
I made my class samples & kits for our upcoming Sugarplum Wishes Weekend!
The event is sold out so to join the waitlist you can email me.
Then I made 3 double-page spreads and a card for the upcoming Crop & Create Holiday event!
Can't stop won't stop adding ribbons to all the edges :)
Throughout October I'll be working on my 6x8 Christmas Album Virtual Class! I'm hoping to release the class on November 3rd. If you'd like to pre-order a kit, email me :)
I didn't take too many personal pics in September, I need to be better about that in October! I'm sure I will since I always document our Octobers in a mini album :) Looking forward to our annual Disney trip and of course HALLOWEEN!!

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  1. Hi Paige, lots of fun in your monthly recap ! Your front entrance is spectacular. I'm featuring dead plants and one pumpkin here, ha! I popped into the Johnny Was website. Gorgeous stuff! I was a little price shy but if I could lose 15 lbs, I'd totally go for it (says the woman who just ate a late night cookie). I honestly never watch scary movies, I'm so chicken. But I do remember that Ring movie from my younger days (maybe a drive-in). It scared the crap out of me, LOL. Your kiddo's are tough as nails, ha! Of course I lingered at the kitty photos. The one where Sandy is looking over the sewing machine cracked me up for some reason. It's like she was crafting something of her own over there and looked up, ha! Franks store it totally dreamy, adding that to my O-so-long bucket list. Anywho, can't wait to see you at Sugarplum and make more memories with all the girls. What a fab life I'm having 🌸💛


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